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Too Much Future Announce Debut Album “Stress Majestic” Due via Safe Suburban Home 15th October & Share New Live Video For “Come Loose”

October 8, 2021

Too Much Future Announce Debut Album “Stress Majestic” Due via Safe Suburban Home 15th October


Share New Live Video For “Come Loose”

During the uncertainty of 2020, one of the most powerful reliefs was to fully immerse oneself into new releases and new discoveries. Easily, one of the best discoveries of last year had to be the Leeds/Bradford-based band Too Much Future. At the start of summer last year, after being introduced to this outfit and their mesmerizing debut single, fast-forward a year and today we are delighted to announce that Too Much Future have joined forces with one of our most cherished labels, Safe Suburban Home.

For those that aren’t familiar with the band, Too Much Future are a group of disparate musicians from Leeds/Bradford, West Yorkshire. In 2016 Owen Brinley had all but decided to give up on music, yet the mind kept turning and bringing new ideas – stripped of any adornment, back to the bare bones. Through the twists and turns of following years and an extended battle with chronic pain which informs many of his lyrics, a writing partnership with guitarist & artist Ben Holden was forged.

After a long search to complete the line-up, in 2018 they were introduced to drummer Joe Montague and bassist Anthony Ord by mutual friend and producer, James Kenosha. In the basement studio of an abandoned chapel in Leeds, they arranged their equipment in a circle and set about honing an album of tracks from minute one. When it came to recording, nothing was moved and they cut the album live in that exact formation – with as few takes as possible committed to tape.

Too Much Future will release their debut album “Stress Majestic” via Safe Suburban Home, due 15th October and released on cassette. With the news of the collaboration, today this is preceded by lead track ‘Come Loose’.

We are delighted to share the live video streaming in full below:

Too Much Future immediately stands out, firstly by the sublime production quality apparent throughout. A nod to the workmanship of this outfit and all those involved with each process. The focus is on the warmth of the tones throughout the guitar, bass, and the ample effects.

Come Loose” starts with the drum kit initiating the proceedings and counting in the rest of the musicians with a punch! Sweeping passages and a plethora of beefy, mighty textures emerge into the expressive atmosphere. Angular attributes and this carefully controlled chaos start to infiltrate the ambiance. The dynamic, compelling, and far-reaching vocal notes help steer the direction of his ensemble. Direct and harmonious vocal notes become this intoxicating feature into the vision whilst this raw, intimate lyrical course continues to expand and add this emotive depth to the ensemble. Too Much Future have delivered this expressive composition that is rich with emotional values, sumptuous complex textures and becomes one of the most consuming journeys for all involved, outfit and audience. Another ensemble showcasing their anthemic lyrics, countless hooks, and the momentum of their vision heightened by the abrasive instrumentation.

The new single portrays this band in their ultimate comfort zone, producing mammoth arrangements that we can only describe as musical masterpieces. Highlighted in the new video above, the audience can connect to and see this fearsome energy that Too Much Future possesses, no doubt that fearsome energy will be present throughout the entire debut and something they will conquer in their live reputation.

The forthcoming 9 track debut “Stress Majestic” will be released on cassette via Safe Suburban Home, you can pre-order your copy now.

Track Listing

1.Come Loose

2. Urban Sprawl

3. Braying, Pt. 1

4. Seen To Be Clean

5. Caustic

6. Virtuous

7. Golden Feel

8. Swarm

9. Nostalgia For A Future That Never Came To Be




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