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Cassels Announce New Single “Charlie Goes Skiing” Taken From New Album “A Gut Feeling” Out 4th February via God Unknown Records

October 7, 2021




“Capitalism as organised religion. Not a particularly original idea, but one I had fun with on this song nonetheless” says Jim Beck on new single ‘Charlie Goes Skiing’. “I really hope people pick up on the irony in this one. It’s definitely not intended to be an endorsement of Western consumerism, in fact quite the opposite. Saying that, I imagine the people who’ll completely miss the joke are exactly the kind of ghouls the song is satirising. Pre-order the album now!”
Setting a screed against consumerism to one of the most propulsive, catchy tracks on their upcoming new record A Gut Feeling, is very much a statement of intent from UK duo Cassels.
Combining thrashing drums, distorted guitars, and off-kilter time changes, ‘Charlie Goes Skiing’ is an intense, ferocious piece of song writing that ebbs and flows through heavy riffs and infectious melodies, all underpinned by cutting vocals.
As with the band’s last single, ‘Mr Henderson Coughs’, the track’s focus on a fictional character is a thematic style that can be found throughout the album: “I found that setting myself the brief of writing character pieces offered a nice way of sneaking quite personal things into the songs without being explicitly autobiographical” says guitarist and vocalist Jim. “I think writing can be a great way of unearthing hang ups and becoming acquainted with your own anxieties. In the case of this album, I found an additional pleasure in exploring these anxieties through the vehicle of third person narratives”.

Charlie Goes Skiing starts with this bold scratchy guitar slowly building this hypnotic riff, this fast-paced join shuffle from the drums and buoyant delivery of brash low-end notes unite and paves the way for the mammoth stop-start melodies that Cassels manifest throughout their latest release. A fierce, angular, and addictive arrangement. Cassels are giving us these immersive teasers from what will be a flawless new album. Their new single showcases that the pair can produce these gigantic orchestrations with an unstopping power. Creating an intoxicating atmosphere with rich and mighty textures, manipulating their dark, brooding, and utterly ambitious landscape and offering this sound that could easily be mistaken from an outfit double in size. Once again the duo manages to record their creative musicianship whilst offering complex yet crisp textures.

8 years after our first introducing feature on this act and the pair obliterate their expectations, they’ve progressed with maturity and expressive might and have identified themselves as one of the most promising and bold artists of our time, Cassels have fully embraced who they are and the outcome is enthralling.

‘A Gut Feeling’ is due for release on 4th February 2022 via God Unknown Records.

2022 Tour dates:
03/02 – Margate, Elsewhere
04/02 – Bristol, Crofters Rights
05/02 – Liverpool, Jimmy’s
06/02 – Newcastle, Bobiks
08/02 – Glasgow, Broadcast
09/02 – Leeds, Bleach
10/02 – Cardiff, The Moon
11/02 – Oxford, Florence Park Community Centre
12/02 – Birmingham, The Victoria
19/02 – London, The Victoria



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