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John Carpenter Shares “Michael’s Legend” From Original Soundtrack For ‘Halloween Kills,’ out October 15th via Sacred Bones

September 30, 2021

Share track “Michael’s Legend”

New original soundtrack for forthcoming film ‘Halloween Kills’ out October 15th on Sacred Bones

Renowned composer/director John Carpenter and his creative foils Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies have shared a third and final pre-release look at the original motion picture soundtrack for the fiercely anticipated second instalment in the new Halloween trilogy, ‘Halloween Kills’. The soundtrack will be released in conjunction with the film release on October 15th through Sacred Bones in a wide range of variants – details below.

Following the dramatic bombast of “Unkillable” and the creeping, suspense-filled “Rampage”, now they share the sparse, melancholic piano requiem, “Michael’s Legend” – an homage to the Halloween movies’ infamous protagonist, Michael Myers.

It’s not October until John Carpenter plays, the new song brings this excitement to the forthcoming release and film. An immersive ensemble with emotion and anxiety laced together throughout the course of the arrangement. A shorter track with more complexity than most. The ambiance starts to build and the audience becomes wary, piercing attributes cut into the atmospherical creation and anxiety starts to respond to those tones. 

In 2018, David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween’ killed at the box office, becoming the highest-grossing chapter in the four-decade franchise and setting a new record for the biggest opening weekend in history for a horror film starring a woman. And the Halloween night when Michael Myers returned isn’t over yet.  
From the returning filmmaking team responsible for the 2018 global phenomenon, ‘Halloween Kills’ the movie is written by Scott Teems, Danny McBride & David Gordon Green, based on characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. The film is directed by David Gordon Green and produced by Malek Akkad, Jason Blum and Bill Block. The executive producers are John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Ryan Freimann.

Like the film itself, Carpenter’s score stays true to the spirit of what made the 1978 original great while bringing it firmly into the present. The music is unmistakably Carpenter: the sinister vintage synth tones, the breath-stealing sense of menace that’s conjured with just a few dissonant notes. But with a broader sonic palette, new digital techniques at his disposal, and a deeper sense of musicality, the ‘Halloween Kills’ score is the work of a master artist who, nearly 50 years into his career, continues to push his creative limits and find new ways to thrill and terrify his fans. 

Pressing variants:
SBR-263-LP-C1 (All retail – orange)
SBR-263-LP-C2 (Bull Moose exclusive – swamp green)
SBR-263-LP-C3 (Brooklyn Vegan exclusive – orange and black)
SBR-263-LP-C4 (Newbury exclusive – orange and red half and half with black splatter)
SBR-263-LP-C5 (Waxwork exclusive – Black, White, and opaque Orange)
SBR-263-LP-C6 (Shout Factory exclusive – clear with black and orange splatter)
SBR-263-LP-C7 (Transmission UK exclusive – Orange with Black Splatter)
SBR-263-LP-C8 (Rocket Australia exclusive – Orange with Red Splatter)
SBR-263-LP-C9 (Rough Trade UK & US exclusive – Red Splatter)
SBR-263-LP-C10 (Cargo Germany exclusive – orange and white)
SBR-263-LP-BE (Sacred Bones exclusive – Molten orange)
SBR-263-ART (Sacred Bones art edition exclusive by Chris Bilheimer – Cloudy Clear with Opaque White with Red Splatter)
SBR-263-LP-SBRS (Sacred Bones society exclusive – Flame Flicker
SBR-263-LP (All retail – standard black LP “charred pumpkin”)
SBR-263-CD (All retail – CD)
SBR-263-CASSETTE (All retail – cassette)

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