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Hana Vu Unveils New Single “22” – New Album “Romanticism” Out 3rd May via Ghostly International

April 21, 2024

Hana Vu Unveils New Single “22”

New Album, Romanticism, Out 3rd May 

Via Ghostly International

Hana Vu, the Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter hailed for her “striking, boldly realized indie rock” (Brooklyn Vegan), will release her new albumRomanticism, on 3rd May via Ghostly International. Following “Care” and the more recent “Hammer,” Vu now presents “22.” Vu’s voice – low and silky – is supported by her cathartic guitar and booming drums by co-producer Jackson Phillips, as she sings about the angst and dissolution of adolescence, and the liminal state of getting older and wiser while also feeling less hopeful: “I don’t wanna go / anywhere anymore / and I don’t wanna be anything, anything / I’m just getting old / I’m just 22 / I just wanna hold onto you.” 

Being young, there’s so much that I experience for the first time, all the time. But as I experience more things, I become more desensitized to those things,” Vu explains. “You get wiser–– I feel quite wiser–– but less fervent, less hopeful.” She captures the contradictory feelings of youth, the luster of impermanence, in all its building wisdom, in all its funneling hope. “‘22’ is about how I was paralyzed by grief and memories and by being 22; all at once a baby and the oldest I’ve ever been. But now I’m 23 and I’ll probably be 24 by the time I’ll get to perform this song for people.”

Another stunning release from Vu, slower and more powerful chords strut their dominance into the volatile atmosphere as Hana’s emotive vocal harmonies and intimate lyrics take control of the direction and the affectionate fervour that cascades throughout this arrangement. It captures this personal fragility, allowing the words and the intensive passages to build and resonate with the listener.

Following the release of her 2021debut album Public Storage, Vu was praised by the NME for her “contemplative indie-pop [which] captures the disillusionment of young adulthood.“Her sophomore album, Romanticism,aches with a similar depth and intimacy as Vu expands on this; mourning the impermanence of youth, in all its building wisdom and funneling hope, with slick and sorrowful precision. These lush, loud songs are reminiscent of guitar-heavy late-aughts indie rock, and futuristic with layered synth bass. They pulse with meaning and jolt with playfulness, anchored by Vu’s powerful, sonorous voice. “I’m just trying to convey my perspective as boldly as possible. To succinctly crystallize how it feels to be young, but also to be deeply sad.” An artist aware of the contradictory compulsions of growth and human nature, Vu leans into that truth in juxtaposition. Romanticism showcases how thrilling it can be to look directly at our feelings, to sing their sorrows and praise. Under Vu’s magnetic gaze, soaking up sadness has never felt so alive.

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Romanticism Tracklist:

1.  Look Alive

2. Hammer

3. Alone

4. 22

5. Care

6. How it Goes

7. Dreams

8. Find Me Under Wilted Trees

9. Airplane

10. Play

11. I Draw a Heart

12. Love


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