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Inwards Announces New EP “Feeling So Fun Reality” due October 7th via Small Pond + Shares New Single “Raindrops”

August 1, 2021

Inwards Announces New EP “Feeling So Fun Reality” due October 7th via Small Pond

Shares New Single “Raindrops”

Electronic artist Kristian Shelley – AKA Inwards – announces new EP ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ for October 7th via Brighton based tastemaker label Small Pond. ‘Raindrops’ is the first single taken from it, and is out now.

The EP is a sister release to 2019’s ‘Feelings of Unreality’ EP – merely shifting where the spaces between the letters land to flip the meaning entirely on its head. Whereas the 2019 effort was laced with anxiety and cyclical internal conflict at the perspective destroying, fathomless possibilities of ideas and scenarios built in the mind, ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ reflects an optimism grounded in the real world. In this, it takes on a similar human warmth to the best work of Aphex TwinClark or Boards of Canada.  

Raindrops’ is an apt opening gambit in this sense, combining technology and the earthy tangibility of the natural world. Precise modular synths, inspired by the rain, are twisted into wordless conversations conveying a million and one different meanings to a million and one different ears. This points to the reason Inwards favours instrumental music over lyrical – the capacity to run off emotion without fully understanding what it is you’re channelling per se, and the multitude of interpretations on the receivers end. 

Raindrops” starts with this immediate vibrant cadence, Inwards utilizes and manipulates Ruby of Yumi and the Weather’s distinct vocal notes and loops the vocal tones to merge with the surging electronic melody. The result is this addictive and alluring bright ensemble.

The arrangement meanders through these crushing highs and gentle swooping lows, whilst fixating on the abundance of rich and dynamic textures. The compelling serious grooves pave the way through the detailed ambiance. Inwards has this flawless ability to channel these immersive impressions throughout their crucial vision. With the new release, Inwards fixates on these epic heights emitting from the enormous and experimental soundscape crafted from the contemporary warm stream of synth sounds. Complex and deliriously exicting. Once again Inwards curates a piece tantalizing in every way possible. The new release teases us for the impressive EP that is due to follow.

Speaking more specifically, Kris explains: “I made this one out of an instrument I created from Ruby Lazou’s voice. At my place, when it rains, you can really hear it hammering on the roof. It was in the background when I was producing the track. it had been super dry for ages so it was the soundtrack to all the plants celebrating the raindrops coming down. The drums feel quite liquid to me.”   

Whilst a subtle pivot towards more celebratory sounds, ‘Raindrops’ follows a consistent style and aesthetic that has earned Inwards numerous champions. MOJO  magazine gave 2020 album ‘Bright Serpent’ a glowing 4* review to go alongside press takes from Electronic SoundClashDUMMYThe 405 and more. BBC 6 Music (Steve LamacqLauren LaverneTom RavenscroftStuart Maconie) and Radio 1 (Huw Stephens) supporting on the airwaves in the UK, with KCRW in the states also spinning. 

Raindrops’ is out now as the first taste of new EP ‘Feeling So Fun Reality’ – out October 7th via Small Pond.


Feeling So Fun Reality Track Listing

1. All The Things You Left Behind

2. Raindrops

3. Hospital Job

4. Mouse

5. We Are Not Alone

6. Squeeze Master

7. Feeling So Fun Reality





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