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The Goon Sax Release New Single ‘Psychic’ From Forthcoming Album ‘Mirror II’ out July 9th on Matador + Announce UK Tour Dates

June 13, 2021
Credit: Hugo Nobay

The Goon Sax Release New Single ‘Psychic’ From Forthcoming Album ‘Mirror II’ out July 9th on Matador + Announce UK Tour Dates

Brisbane’s The Goon Sax return with ‘Psychic’, the second single from their third full-length and Matador Records debut, Mirror II. The song is a slice of strobe-lit noise-pop – kinetic, hook-laden and touched with genuine dreaminess. Listen to the song and watch the video, which was directed by Christine Marie Jones, streaming below:

This punchy upbeat synth sound initiates the start of the ensemble, the bright percussive beats join the ambiance and the soaring sounds just hook the audience. This surging harmony plays over the prominent beat and that leads to the standout vocal and dual-vocal harmonies. Following the lyrics to the brooding appeal of the alluring baritone notes, the lyrics provide an intimate attachment, lifted with the softer soprano tones which equally provide this additional emotional pull to the verses. The Goon Sax have perfected this danceable and complex composition with the ultimate addictive chorus, from first listen you’ll be chanting the lyrics back to the outfit. The textures of this arrangement ooze such charm and influence, we embrace the best of The Goon Sax throughout.

Psychic exists in the fragile intersection of fantasy and reality,” says Louis Forester. “A supernatural world you escape into until you feel realities grip on your collar. But as you’re dragged back to linear time, and supposed objectivity the supernatural reinstates it’s claim to a more powerful truth. Eventually the friction between these worlds causes you to question your faith in both, wondering to what degree truth can be chosen and what forces from both are too strong for you to stand in their way. Much like In The Stone this song is a conversation, two peoples truths of the search for this very thing.”
The band recently announced a run of UK dates in September, including a headline show at London’s MOTH Club on September 6 and a slot at End Of The Road festival. A full list of dates can be found below.
Out July 9thMirror II is a new beginning for The Goon Sax, the trio of Louis Forster, Riley Jones and James Harrison: a multi-dimensional eclectic journey of musical craftsmanship that moves from disco to folk to no wave skronk with staggering cohesion. Gone are the first-person insecurities of their school days — they’ve been made expansive, more universal, and more weird.
The album is intense, the sum of everything that has always made The Goon Sax great: robust sprechgesang, raw lyrical candor, ascending guitar pop structures that would make the most storied jangle bands blush, elevated into their newfound narrative verisimilitude and expanded sonic experimentations.

Tour Dates: 
1/9- Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
2-5/9- End of the Road Festival
6/9 – MOTH Club, London
7/9 – Pink Room, YES, Manchester
8/9 – Mono, Glasgow

 Mirror II Tracklist:
1. In The Stone
2. Psychic
3. Tag
4. Temples
5. The Chance
6. Bath Water
7. Desire
8. Carpetry
9. Til Dawn
10. Caterpillars

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