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Rona Mac Shares Video For New Single “Weapon”

June 3, 2021

Rona Mac Shares Video For New Single “Weapon”

Following on from the standout single release last month, Rona Mac has just released a new video to accompany the single release for “Weapon“. As hypnotic as the single, the new video captures a real organic vibe. Watch below:

Weapon” starts with this raw and cutting guitar tone, the distinguished notes accompany Rona Mac‘s standout vocal melodies almost instantly. Joining the soundscape from the offset, the guitar and vocal combination is reinforced by the backing silence for the first 20 seconds, we immediately find ourselves hooked by the powerful harmonies and the raw lyrics. As the exploration continues this bold and dominating drum beat enters the ambiance alongside some key electronic elements and bright tweaks and tones. The intensity of this arrangement flusters throughout which keeps the attention fixated, Rona Mac allows this intimacy to resonate from the words and in doing so delves into this emotional inclusion. Rona’s striking vocal tone pushes the creation to new depths.

When the line “Good To Believe In Something” soars across the fuzzy soundscape, the fierce delivery emits such power and such conversion that the singular lyrical line elates the audience. A sense of positivity is reinforced in the listener- the fact Rona Mac can connect so easily with their audience and deliver such cherished emotion is a unique and compelling feat from this artist.

Throughout the release Rona allows this opportunity to showcase the sweeping range of their broad vocal delivery, reaching high notes to embrace the intensity of the lyrics being sung. Despite the importance of the instrumentation, “Weapon” allows the emphasis to come from the vocal attributes, the instrumentation paves the way for reinforcing the wordsmith and adds this enthralling pop edge, igniting the power where necessary and providing some flawless transitions within the creative energy. The dynamic elements of the electronic music and percussive beat offer this deep texture whilst the composition embraces the sensitivity and emotive vivacity from Mac. The lyrical tonality executed with such a fearless demeanor enables us to compare Rona to the likes of Noga Erez, Flock of Dimes, or Anna Calvi, that brooding inflection shines throughout. Rona allows this honesty to weave through this worthy atmosphere whilst injecting a brighter structure.

“Weapon” will draw you in, with each note, each beat, and each lyric. Rona Mac, take a bow.

Taking influence not just musically but from the nature Rona is so fortunate to be surrounded by, having lived in Brighton for three years and now living on the Welsh coast in Pembrokeshire, her tracks usually reference water, sea, tide or land as they are the scenes Rona walks, surfs, enjoys, daily. The output is wholesome indie-pop with a gentle nod to blues and folk genres.

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