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Anna McClellan Shares New Track ‘Raisin’ – New Album ‘I Saw First Light’ Due 20th November via Father/Daughter Records

October 9, 2020

Anna McClellan Shares New Track ‘Raisin’

New album I saw first light out via Father/Daughter Records 20th November

Anna McClellan has shared ‘Raisin’, a stunning piece of new record I saw first light, which is to be released 20th November via Father/Daughter Records.

Pre-order I saw first light here:

Lyrically a sparser offering than usual from McClellan, ‘Raisin’ explores an idea she has rhuminated on for a while: “I have long romanticized the idea of jumping off a cliff, and categorized it as the perfect metaphor for letting goIf I could only take that leap of faith, I’d awaken.” 

“I’d been wanting to capture the idea in song for awhile and thought it would be a much longer/more epic endeavor. And I’m sure there is still much more to say about it. In ‘Raisin’ though, upon jumping, the subject appears to float and become weightless. Never actually landing at all.

The accompaniment is another intricate piece, whirring organ and slinking bass giving it an earthy, swinging feel, pushing you closer and closer to taking flight. After a short interlude, all the tension disappears, the weightlessness of the lyrics drifting over the lush instrumentation.

A quick burst for only 1 minute 58, but this is plenty of time to get obsessed with this stunning arrangement. Anna posses such a unique vocal harmony, the lyrical journey feels so rich and captures an essence of a 70s heartfelt hit. Reaching notes that resemble Regina Spektor as the warm and jaunty instrumentation create the perfect bed to catch these words. The brooding bassline carries the momentum to the track. Anna McClellan is simply bursting with promise- the ability to captivate any audience is outstanding and the excitement is stepping up for the new album to be unveiled.


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