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Julia-Sophie Releases New EP – Out Now | Release Feature

April 23, 2021

Julia-Sophie Releases New EP “</3” – Out Now

After releasing one of 2020’s most intriguing debut EPs with ‘y?’, Anglo-French artist Julia-Sophie cements her position as one of the most exciting new voices in electronic pop with the spectral, experimental wonders of second EP ‘</3’.

The new, four-track collection is described as a deeply personal dive into the emotions surrounding the loss of a relationship. It displays the power of accepting your own vulnerabilities and, instead of presenting as bitter, ‘</3’ finds humanity, warmth and even sarcastic humour amongst the heartbreak.

While ‘y?’ was carefully written and planned before heading into the studio, ‘</3’ chose to be more exploratory, a freeform discovery piece trying to come to terms with new processes and ideas, allowing experimentation and improvisation to become the focus of long production sessions. 

Despite the experimental sounds and structures involved, there are enough glimmers of classic songwriting to be instantly engaging. Julia-Sophie grew up with a deep connection to classic French songwriters like Brassens, Brel and Barbara which forms the basis of expressing her emotions, juxtaposing this with her electronica to help navigate our harsh world.

</3 (tracklist)

  1. and you know it
  2. cctv
  3. i wish
  4. love let you down

The new EP commences with the standout opener and you know it. If this is your first introduction to this captivating artist then you are about to immerse yourselves into this stunning ensemble that effortlessly showcases the talent of Julia-Sophie. and you know it commences into this thick atmosphere, filled with instant jaunty tones and elongated notes that fill the aura. Then Julia-Sophie’s dreamy vocals join the mix against the piercing electronic elements. This dynamic exploration abruptly shifts throughout its journey, creating this cutting intensity through the transitions of ardent elements, rolling rhythms or alternating back to the softer less intrusive space in which Julia-Sophie adds their own illustrious melody into the mix. This release covers an expansive ground, layering these key elements to alter the intensity of the creation. Throughout the structure of this release, the artist creates this experimental ensemble that alludes to multiple orchestrations all of which built into just one composition. The mood meanders through this abundance of textures, all of which add this complex nature to the single. In all, this release will captivate you and will submerge the audience into the hypnotizing flow.

cctv follows and immediately pushes the intensity into the first few bars, identifying itself as a completely new orchestral piece that will hook you with the power and abrupt synth waves that gain such traction throughout. Manipulating the sound waves by experimenting with vocal notes and then breaking that power to once again focus on the soft and tender sounds from Julia-Sophie. This impressive landscape welcomes the audience who embrace the gargantuan wall of sound created by the fierce tone catapulted by the electronic elements. The atmosphere adds this compelling beat at the heart of the release and this addictive and unpredictable flow will fixate the audience as they take each note in. The second release of the EP offers a darker journey, a robust texture flexes its tone and assists in creating this powerful ensemble. And then towards the end, in true Julia-Sophie nature, the release adds in some silence breaking the powerful harmonies that gently flowed before, then the instrumentation and the biting rhythm ups the anti, ramping up the tempo and the textures shifting the intensity into this fast-paced ferocious finale.

i wish focuses on the ethereal vocal melodies against this absolutely crushing and crucial environment built by the repetitive and immediate notes, scaling through this soundscape at such speed. Mid-way these subtle layers are thrown into the vision before the sweeter release diversifies into a sonically superior arrangement.

Finally, the EP finishes on the more fun vibe of love let you down, that vibe doesn’t last long once the vibrant tones of the first few bars disappear into the darker motion that is stirring underneath. That instant joyous tone dissipates and leaves the space for the truly intimate and tender lyrics to fill that void and soar. This is the release that offers such an emotional connection.

</3 offers a wealth of expressive compositions. Julia-Sophie consistently crafts these mesmerizing and meaningful soundscapes. An architetic of electronica and a mighty wordsmith. This carefully controlled chaos reigns throughout the record as Julia-Sophie adapts the orchestrations with the right amount of power, space or softer notions. The engrossing landscape that stands so tall also offers Julia-Sophie to pierce their vision with ample anarchy. This is an artist who has sculpted such serious compositions and let their guard down to offer personal, raw lyrics that weave amongst the finely-furrowed tones and atmospherical attributes.

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