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GLAARE Share New Single “Young Hell” Out Now + Announce New Album “Your Hellbound Heart”

February 26, 2021

GLAARE Share New Single “Young Hell” Out Now + Announce New Album “Your Hellbound Heart”

GLAARE return with their highly anticipated new single “Young Hell” which you can hear in full below. The outfit have 2021 at their fingertips as they announce their forthcoming new album “Your Hellbound Heart” due 30th of April and available via Weyrd Son Records.

The astouding new release will shake you to your core. This escalating aura commences the arrangement’s proceedings and launches this inital ominious feel to the track whilst the introudction to the etheral vocals join the mix and dazzle. The vocal notes can be compared to the likes of Keep Shelly in Athens, Kate Bush and Hayley Mary. The vocals keep you captivated throughout the fierce release, the harmonies are destined to mesmerize as they elegantly glide above the chaotic and climatic soundscape.

“Young Hell”captures this momentous melody focussing at its core, this driving bold beat. The melody plays havoc on the listeners’ senses and cultivates its own mood into their world. “Young Hell” is simply one of the most immersive single releases of our time, just imagine what the album will convey if the lead single is this strong.

As the ensemble gains traction, you’re faced with this particular sonic flavour that embraces new-wave whilst wrestling with a contemporary experimental wrench. Dark entities twist with this fierce bass beat and 80s esque resonating drum beat. The guitar flirts above the chaos and injects these essential addictive tweaks which provide such an alluring hook to the overall orchestration. As the sonic structure continues to showcase the most impressive hard-hitting beat and immersive rhythm that intensifies, the arrangement delivers GLAARE at their very best, crafting elements of obscurity with accessibility.

This creation is unruly, intoxicating, and desirable. The ethereal vocal notes mixed with this crushing sound space and urgent appeal just leaves you in awe. This beat surrounds you as the provocative tendencies then show their face. Hit repeat.

Of the forthcoming album the band state the following:

Here’s what the band says about his new record:“We were going through a terrible time. Life kicked our ass and made us swallow. Then our peers came and threw tomatoes in our face. We wrote this while our psyches were shattering into dust. Realizing that nothing and no one has ever been the way you saw it, that’s what madness is truly made of. None of us have ever nor will ever say the direct seeds of our creations. It’s irresponsible and we are way too reclusive for that. It’s also tacky. What we will say is recording this was like getting peeled alive. We do this because we have to. Because we can’t survive without it. But make no mistake about it, it’s excruciating.”

Your Hellbound Heart Track Listing

  1. Young Hell
  2. For Sale
  3. Terminator 2
  4. Buyer’s Remorse
  5. Divine Excess
  6. Mirrors
  7. 2 Cents
  8. Your Hellbound Heart

Pre-order the album here:




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