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Chaos Theory Share New Fundraiser Compilation “11 Years Of Chaos” – Out Now

February 26, 2021

Chaos Theory Share New Fundraiser Compilation “11 Years Of Chaos” – Out Now

London-based independent promotion collective Chaos Theory are celebrating their 11 year anniversary with a special 26 track compilation. As the promoters are unable to host their usual unmissable festivals, they’ve given their audience a must-hear immersive compilation.

The new compilation is out today, February 26th and 10% of proceeds are due to go to the #SaveTheBlackHeart campaign, with the rest being split between artists and Chaos Theory to invest in more ways to keep promoting despite the impact of coronavirus and Brexit.

The album includes brand new works by Aphexia, Five The Hierophant, Riotmiloo, Scald and Thomas Ragsdale, an unreleased cover by Maud the moth, an unreleased live recording by The Fierce & The Dead, and special re-edits by Metalogue and Thumpermonkey.

Joining the above, the compilation also features: A Sweet Niche, Årabrot, Black Orchids, Boss Keloid, Brigitte Handley, Casual Nun, The Display Team, Drekka, Flies Are Spies From Hell, Kate Arnold, Kylver, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Memory of Elephants, Prisa Mata, Sümer, Vodun and Yowie.

Listen to the new album and purchase your copy here:

Chaos continue to be influential, help the promoters and support this vital release.



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