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Mountain Bloom Release Debut Self-Titled Album – Out Now

February 26, 2021

Mountain Bloom Release Debut Self-Titled Album

Out Now

Right now, we are all looking for moments of hope amidst a need to escape. Mountain Bloom have just released their new flawless self-titled debut album and the album in its entirety offers this stunning complex reach, enriched with a hopeful essence and a vast exploration that you can lose yourselves within. The band have been working on these compositions for over 5 years and the wait has been truly worth it.

Album opener Locked In, starts and immediately introduces you to this gentle yet dreamy atmosphere that Mountain Bloom has delicately crafted. Elements of pop inflictions, brooding intensity, and ethereal vocals collide to provide this truly immersive experience. Something that Mountain Bloom effortlessly weaves throughout their entire album.

Locked In” was the first single the band released last year and the single blew us away. With stirring vocals and alluring harmonies controlling the tracks’ initial progression, “Locked In” in its entirety is a completely compelling and immersive experience. The impressive arrangement has captured an emotive atmosphere within the notes, “Locked In” is a well-rounded journey from the moment the single begins. Those soulful harmonies engage the audience before skill-full and precise drum beats and shuffles soak deep into the orchestration. Darting and rhythmic instrumentation come together for the tail end of the track for a truly heightened and full escalation. Dreamy synth elements provide further textures and intertwine with the beaming expression for an effervescent piece.

The album flawlessly flows into “U-32″. Here the band focuses on entwining expansive and emotive electronic elements with their luscious vocals, vivid lyrics, and haunting keys. This new track feels more mature, as an air of wisdom oozes from this melodic arrangement. Reminiscent of Alcoholic Faith Mission with the comparisons found in the soulful and commanding vocal injection fused with the shimmering and intense instrumentation. The tentative aura begins to grow and gather serious momentum as Mountain Bloom continues to add tweaks, intricate loops, and a devious beat into the mix- this track highlights the complexities in their layering and overall soundscape.

Tracks such as “Waves” and “Return” provide a slower scope and focus on the building of the melodies to provide such emotional reach. Engrossing electronic waves wash over the exploration where the spotlight tends to fixate on the more raw lyrics provided.

As the album progresses Mountain Bloom embraces lashes of sensitivity throughout this record, dedicated to delivering this timeless dream-pop vision. Each track emits mesmerizing rich harmonies and layered synth parts, creating this vital sonic palette that consumes you.

“Ball” picks up the pace to amplify the ambitious drumbeat pushing the momentum of this ensemble. Soaring tones contribute to the enchanting environment created in this release. Utilizing the intimate melodies with a fierce crescendo. “Judith” and “Replicants” harness these shimmering effects and crucial vocal notes. Gripping the audience’s attention with this euphoric electronica and honest lyrical touches. “Replicants” provides this more sultry appeal to its orchestral movement. Heavy Tounges delivers these sun-soaked guitar passages against the meandering rhythms. Ending on “Everything Must End” is such a fitting tribute to a record that delivers fragility, beauty and clashes of defiance.

Mountain Bloom have crafted something so delicate, so consuming, and intoxicating. The band unite in their effort to deliver lush palettes that dazzle. The entire journey surrounds you and provides comfort.

Their debut album is out NOW and available to purchase on vinyl- be sure to get your copy here – https://mountainbloom.bandcamp.com/album/mountain-bloom


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