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Clara Mann Releases Debut EP “Consolations” Out Now Via Sad Club Records

February 24, 2021

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Bristolian newcomer Clara Mann releases her intimate debut EP ‘Consolations’ on 24th February via Sad Club Records. The 4-track EP stands both as a collection of reflections into her own private world, and as a soothing dose of medicine used to “console” herself. It documents the progression of adulthood, focusing on the fragility of the self and highlighting the importance of connection, whilst offering us a well-needed moment of tranquillity. These themes are embodied by coming-of-age title track ‘Station Song’ which joins previous singles ‘Thoughtless’, ‘I Didn’t Know You Were Leaving Today’, alongside new track ‘Waiting For The Flight’ which completes the release. Whilst nodding towards the sounds of other contemporaries like Shannon Lay and Dana Gavanski, Clara sets herself apart with her intimate soundscapes and unique voice, creating a distinct ethereal sonic landscape.

The title ‘Consolations’ comes from classical piano track Consolations by Liszt. The EP is influenced by her upbringing in a small Catholic village in the South of France, with classical music ingrained into her everyday life.

Clara recollects this piece from a vivid childhood memory with her mother, with the piece epitomising everything this collection of songs stands for: “I grew up with classical music all around me, from choral pieces to chamber music. I teach piano now, and after a lesson once I picked up the Liszt Consolations, which I remember my ma playing when I was little. The music was open on the piano one day over summer, and I just thought it reflected everything I felt about this collection of songs: the act of consoling, the influence of my childhood and the landscapes I grew up in, classical music. It struck me as such a beautiful word- and it’s also what music is, to my mind, meant to do- to console. Writing this EP has been a way of consoling myself through any hard times, and I’d like it to do the same for other people!”

The EP opens with “Waiting For The Flight” and embraces this poetic flare. Clara conjures this wonderfully pure sound and the orchestrations emit such fragility. Clara delivers these thought-provoking ensembles which proudly boast such intimate tangents and luxuriant melodies.

Second single follows With “Thoughtless“, Clara proudly showcases the keen ability to tell a story using Clara’s sublime voice and gentle yet enthralling instrumentation. The attention to detail focuses on the honest song lyrics that powerfully move this journey.  “Thoughtless” captures Clara’s stunning vocal harmonies that seem to exude this faithful charm, channeling somber beauty whilst as an artist continuing to be a conduit for a powerful and crucial energy. Clara melds brutally honest words with this tender infliction. The listener is invited into this musician’s intimate world and finds peacefulness within the intricate execution. The latest release once again highlights this essential artist, an artist that effortlessly provides such an immersive experience found within the intimate exploration. It’s a delicate track wrapped in a challenging lyrical tale.

Station Song joins the journey, the shortest track on the record but it covers so much ground. The reflective story-like lyrics deliver this more contemplative attitude. With this orchestration we find the intensity ramped up within the vocal notes, you take notice.

Finally this fragile but vital record ends on ‘I Didn’t Know You Were Leaving Today’, this is simply one of the most painstaikingly beautiful arrangements. The emotive resilience found in the vocal notes and heartfelt harmonies. It’s a delicate track wrapped in a challenging lyrical tale.

Clara provides these completely wholesome creations filled with dreamy notions and captivating your full attention, these stunning serenades exude such power which moves the audience. A debut record that will provide the perfect escape, rich textures delivered with lashes of poignant tendencies. For a debut, Clara has crafted a flawless record that can instantly provide this tender connection between artist and audience, a record produced with such force and maturity you’ll be left in awe.

Consolations is a spell-binding immersive exploration, stunning.


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