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Clara Mann Releases New Single “Thoughtless” via Sad Club Records – Debut EP Due February 24th | Single Special

January 20, 2021
   Photo Credit: Chiara Gambuto





Newcomer Bristolian singer-songwriter Clara Mann reflects on fragility with ethereal single ‘Thoughtless’ out now via Sad Club Records.

Clara welcomes you to her delicately bittersweet world, weaving intricate words into her wistful soundscapes, sweetened by the warm of the fiddle and harmonium.

Once again Clara provides a dreamy complex composition that commands your full attention and in turn powerfully moves the audience to their world.

With “Thoughtless“, Clara proudly showcases the keen ability to tell a story using Clara’s sublime voice and gentle yet enthralling instrumentation. The attention to detail focuses on the honest song lyrics that powerfully move this journey. “Thoughtless” captures Clara’s stunning vocal harmonies that seem to exude this faithful charm, channeling somber beauty whilst as an artist continuing to be a conduit for a powerful and crucial energy. Clara melds brutally honest words with this tender infliction. The listener is invited into this musician’s intimate world and finds peacefulness within the intricate execution. The latest release once again highlights this essential artist, an artist that effortlessly provides such an immersive experience found within the intimate exploration. It’s a delicate track wrapped in a challenging lyrical tale.

This track follows the success of Clara’s debut Spotify release, single ‘I Didn’t Know You Were Leaving Today’ which captivated audiences all over.

This debut release followed a multitude of lo-fi demos on bandcamp. Whilst nodding towards the sounds of other contemporaries like Shannon Lay and Dana Gavanski, Clara paying respects to the folk foundations laid by Connie Converse and Molly Drake. Clara sets herself apart with her intimate soundscapes and unique voice, marking her as one to watch in the current scene. 

Thoughtless’ reflects on the fragility of boundaries, allowing people to take too much of you, and your own vulnerability disallowing you to remove yourself from these destructive situations.. Clara states: “I wrote this over a summer where I was totally adrift- it was quite a lonely time, and I felt that, in a bid for some kind of connection, I was making myself vulnerable to the wrong people. Thoughtless is a recognition of that unhealthy tendency in myself, as well as being about the way people can take too much of someone, without even realising.”

She also notes the influence of water throughout ‘Thoughtless’:There’s a lot about water in the song, about the sea, the waves. I grew up by a river in France, and I think have always felt most at home in landscapes with water nearby. It’s a mixture of finding it comforting and familiar, but also being aware of the power of the current, the tide, or the swell, and feeling helpless and fragile next to them. The guitar part in Thoughtless unintentionally mimics the rise and fall of waves, and I like the way the melody floats above it. I remember finding it quite painful to write- it felt very raw. I was very into Sorolla’s paintings at the time, and the way he paints light – I wanted to do that with music, with my words.’

The single was recorded with producer Benjamin Spike-Saunders (Cruelty) and mastered by Alice Western (BUGS). Due to the constraints of COVID, this track was recorded and mixed remotely, being recorded alone in Clara’s bedroom and mixed by Ben in his, both of them playing a part in the arranging process. Piano, guitar and vocals were done by Clara Mann, with the fiddle played by Marika-Tyler Clark and Felix M-B on harmonium and second guitar. Due to this recording process, the songs have emerged as a natural and intimate reaction to her environment. Clara notes: ‘It was mostly just me and my mic at my desk, willing the neighbours to keep quiet through the takes. It was okay- just a bit lonely at times! ‘


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