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Coolgirl Share Rework Of Inwards’ Track “Flowers” | Single Premiere

December 2, 2020

Coolgirl Share Rework Of Inwards’ Track “Flowers”

“Flowers”- taken from Inwards Album “Bright Serpent” out now via Small Pond

Coolgirl is a name you really need to familiarise yourself with. Coolgirl is the solo project from Lizzie Fitzpatrick, a name you would know from Lizzie’s work with the mighty Bitch Falcon. Lizzie’s energy is fierce, if it’s not the distinctive and powerful vocals for Bitch Falcon, it’s the incredible new solo project Coolgirl releasing the most hypnotizing arrangements, enriched addictive 80s synth sounds.

Now Coolgirl has shared their latest effort- reworking Inwards track “Flowers“, which was released on Inwards album “Bright Serpent” in the Spring of this year on Small Pond.

We are delighted to share the new collaboration, listen to remix streaming below:

Keeping Inwards well-known captivating waves at the body of their work, then adding their own touch on the track, Coolgirl manipulates the soundscape and introduces new elements into the consuming arrangement. An abundance of these delirious yet dazzling chime effects and twinkling tweaks are introduced into the complex re-imaging and fused with this and this ppulsating yet powerful beat. The remix provides a completely immersive collaboration.



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