DFA Records’ Slim Twig unveils creepy new video

October 31, 2014


Album A Hound at the Hem released Dec 1st via DFA Records

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How does one describe music so off-kilter and alluring that it was once written off by a world too stupid to know better—but later discovered by the aesthetes at DFA, Slim Twig? If Scott Walker had gotten as weird as Climate of Hunter—and no weirder—and was still making cracking tunes that Marc Almond could fully get behind, he would be Slim Twig. No, wait; if Bryan Ferry had just gotten stranger instead of retreating into standards, he would be Slim Twig. No, hold on, I’ve got it: if this world was better and the term ‘art-pop’ hadn’t been utterly diminished by late capitalism pouring liquid boring on top of beats, Slim Twig would be the king…or at least the prince in the shadows, plotting.”Noisey


Slim Twig’s DFA Records debut, A Hound At The Hem, is released in the UK on December 1st.  The spooky new Meg Remy-directed video for ‘Maintain The Charade’ has arrived just in time for Halloween. Need a costume idea? Peep the video below because Slim Twig has you covered.

Originally released on vinyl in an extremely limited run via Twig’s own Calico Corp label and Pleasence Records, DFA will give A Hound At The Hem its proper release on December 1st. Self-produced in fall 2010, A Hound At The Hem is a suite of narrative songs thematically inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. As a concept album exploring the troubling and the taboo and themes like the transformative power of lust, A Hound At The Hem can be interpreted as an echolike response to Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier’s Histoire De Melody Nelson. Most of all, A Hound At The Hem poses the question; where next for Slim Twig, this promising and original auteur?

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