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Meilir Set To Release Debut Album “In Tune” December 4th Via Gwdihŵ Records | Album Feature

December 1, 2020

Meilir Set To Release Debut Album Digitally December 4th Via Gwdihŵ Records

Physical Vinyl & CD Release Due March 2021

Acclaimed experimental singer-songwriter Meilir has announced the release of his captivating debut album. ‘In Tune’ will be available via Gwdihŵ Records at all DSPs and streaming services on December 4th 2020.

Produced by Charlie Francis (R.E.M., The High Llamas, Sweet Baboo) at his Loft Studio in Cardiff, ‘In Tune’ Meilir’s eagerly anticipated debut album has been a long time coming but promises a thrilling and exciting musical journey for the listener. ‘In Tune’ rewards repeated listening, to really get under the skin of these thought-provoking compositions.

“My records are very personal to me,” says Meilir, “one of the reasons they take so long for me to complete I think. There are themes on the album ‘In Tune’ that carry from my first records; I suppose that the music I write is like a sound track to my life in a way. Some of the demos and ideas are around eight years old; it’s been good to take a little longer over the process of writing and recording. By taking a little longer over the recording process than I have in the past there is more depth and individuality to the music. It will be so nice to finally release these songs to the world.”

Meilir is one of contemporary music’s most provocative and audacious new artists, melding expert songcraft with a fearless lyrical approach and wildly eclectic sonic sensibility. Born and raised in Flintshire, North Wales, he first made waves in his youth as a classically trained pianist and vocalist. Despite his early success, Meilir grew frustrated with the classical world’s artistic limitations, yearning instead to create something altogether his own. He co-founded cult Cardiff combo Manchuko, making their live debut with a nationally broadcast appearance on the Welsh-language free-to-air television channel, S4C.

The new 9 track album starts with the consuming opener “It Begins”. This stand-out track is the perfect introduction to this compelling artist. The track starts and this eerie blanket of ambiance is carefully composed for the first few notes, a key sample is manipulated into the atmosphere before these piercing key chimes are added into the dense layers of the orchestration. The bewitching atmosphere that’s been built keeps the audience focused on the movement, then Meilir‘s chilling and unique vocal tones are introduced into the mix and you are truly blown away. The tempo of the arrangement fused with the various crushing elements provide a crucial urgency to this creation. Meilir‘s delicate yet at times fragmented vocal harmonies can be compared to that of Thom Yorke. It’s Meilir‘s distinct delivery that sets his own path for his talent.

As each track then flows from one to another, the progression of this album is a sublime masterpiece. Utilizing the power of the impressive vocal range, the honest and wholesome lyrics, the powerful guitar picks, and the devouring mood. Album title track “In Tune” focuses on the artist’s ability to layer up the delicate operatic singing that infuses such soul, and use this compacted vocal force to fight with the noodling guitar.

Meilir embraces a dynamic approach to this record, each track tends to its own distinguished atmosphere that alters throughout the album. The vast amount of instruments performed within the album is a triumph. It’s a monumental record, the depth of the sound created is something else and the end results exude an air of magic. The broad lyrical journey that is encountered throughout the album showcases Meilir‘s captivating imagery in each of his songs. With Meilir controlling the intensity of each composition throughout and the overall outlook oozes a full-on sound tinged with a level of fragility reminiscent of the likes of Beirut, Bright Eyes and more.

Meilir ‘In Tune’ available via Gwdihŵ Records 4th December




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