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Spill Gold Share Video For “Beast Machine Alien” – Debut Album Due November 23rd via Knekelhuis

November 18, 2020
Photo credit – Tess Jansen


Share video for ‘Beast Machine Alien

Taken from their debut album ‘Highway Hypnosis’,
Due 23rd November via Knekelhuis

Amsterdam-based experimental psych-pop duo Spill Gold have shared a video for their new single ‘Beast Machine Alien‘, taken from their debut album ‘Highway Hypnosis‘, due 23rd November via Knekelhuis

Born out of Amsterdam’s pulsating heart in 2017, the duo of Rosa Ronsdorf and Nina de Jong’s first made a name for itself with an eponymous debut tape for Portland’s Beacon Sound one year later. Conjuring up the saturated grit of heavy guitar riffs along with flickering tapestries of post-apocalyptic rave motifs, and topped with a wild dose of trance-inducing psychedelia, the pair have laid the foundation to a body of work both euphorically raw, dancey and introspectively downbeat by turns.

On Highway Hypnosis, their first album for underground imprint Knekelhuis, Spill Gold masterfully juxtapose darkness and light, playfulness and control, enhancing the transcendental character of the material at hand.

With an arsenal comprising analogue synthesizers, SPD, percussion and an old ASBA drum kit, the songwriting traverses a world of Krautrock and cosmic influences as they playfully navigate their way from 60’s-informed synthpop to industrial and stoner rock tropes, via hallucinated lullabies a la Jefferson Airplane and shape-shifting electronica harmonics.

Speaking about the video they say; “Nina was listening to the album for the 20th time to finish it, and was thinking of how to literally visualize the music. She started drumming with some paint and realised that this was a way to do this. What we love about the video performance is that it shows the duality between Rosa and Nina. On one side there is a dreamy mess with paint that is free and expressive. On the other there is a precise beautiful painting in the making, which is more grounding and rhythmical. This also might have to do with the fact Nina is the actual drummer and Rosa just loves to drum along, which happens live sometimes as well. We had to shoot the video in one take, since it was only possible once. Afterwards the two kits sounded differently because of all the paint on it”.

Spill Gold are electrifying, this creative energy and electric tendancies is captured within their new instrumentation and flawlessly featured in their new video.

Spill Gold utilize their abilities to create immersive impeccable chaos, the duo builds these expansive layers, that are carefully constructed and maintained throughout their new arrangement. Continuously evolving the dynamic projection by introducing new noises, tweaks, and tones to collide with their buoyant drum beats, frivolous fills, and consuming cymbal clashes. Shimmering melodies emit from the soundscape alongside these glitchy beats that compliment the explosive drum beats. Whilst the vocal lines are woven into the intense atmosphere. You can embrace the sweeping power of the addictive lyrics and haunting vocal harmonies which exude a trance-like essence.

Beast Machine Alien provides this danceable hybrid of instrumental destruction and power.


1. Beast Machine Alien
2. Highway Hypnosis
3. Ecotone Part 1
4. Oyster
5. Burning
6. Ecotone Part 2
7. Bird Soul

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