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Uniform release new single “Shame” the title track from forthcoming album out Sept 11th on Sacred Bones

August 28, 2020
Press Photo By Ebru Yildiz



NYC industrial trail blazers Uniform reveal the title track from their forthcoming album due September 11th on Sacred Bones. 

“Shame is the song that sets the thematic tone for the rest of the record, which seems appropriate for a title track. It is a portrait of someone riddled with regret in the process of drinking themselves to death. Night after night they sit in dark reflection, pouring alcohol down their throat in order to become numb enough to fall asleep,” vocalist Michael Berdan explains.

 “I took inspiration from a few stories of alcoholic implosion, namely Sam Peckinpah’s Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia and John O’Brien’s Leaving Las Vegas. The line That’s why I drink. That’s why I weep appears in homage to Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone episode Night of the Meek.”

Uniform craft a gigantic devious aura for their orchestrations, dark elements reflected in the vast and encompassing soundscape they create within the first notes. Heavy yet harmonious, you follow each lyric- hanging on to those hard-hitting vocals, you fall into this web of abrasive appeal as Uniform fill the void with their harsh harmonics. Utterly oblitering and equally captivating.

Over the past decade, Uniform’s Michael Berdan and Ben Greenberg have bulldozed a path to the forefront of the underground. Through their various projects and Greenberg’s production work (Bing & Ruth, Pharmakon, Johann Johannson and many more), the two have served as major forces and key members of NYC’s experimental, electronic, punk and metal scenes. Shame marks the debut of Mike Sharp on drums, adding a natural fire to the engine. His presence grinds down their metallic industrial edge with a live percussive maelstrom.

This time around, they’ve joined forces with Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Sunn O))), Earth) to perfect their powerful hybrid of digital and analog, electronic and acoustic, synthetic and actual that has become their hallmark. For the first time, vocalist Michael Berdan made a conscious decision to include lyrics which focus on the static state of an antihero as he mulls over his life in the interim between major events, just existing in the world. On Shame, the trio strain struggle through an industrialised mill of grating guitars, warped electronics, war-torn percussion and demonically catchy vocalisations giving us eight of Uniform’s most powerful tracks yet. Berdan delves deeper into the concepts behind Shame in an essay that was published via Beats Per Minute.

Album Artwork By Heather Gabel

Shame is out September 11th on Sacred Bones. For more info and to pre-order go here

Shame Track Listing: 

1 – Delco

2 – The Shadow of God’s Hand

3 – Life in Remission

4 – Shame

5 – All We’ve Ever Wanted

6 – Dispatches from the Gutter

7 – This Won’t End Well

8 – I Am the Cancer

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