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Eilis Frawley Releases New Single ‘Stats’ – Out Now Via Reckless Yes

August 28, 2020
‘Stats’ artwork by Emma Taggart.

Eilis Frawley Releases New Single ‘Stats’

Out Now Via Reckless Yes

Following her debut EP Berlin-based drummer Eilis Frawley has today released her imperative new single release ‘Stats’ via Reckless Yes.

A taste of the new music set to feature on Eilis forthcoming second EP.

A solo drummer and percussionist Frawley layers her Krautrock-precision rhythms with spoken word vocals for a release which is at once avante-garde yet resonates deeply with experiences of modern life. 

Describing ‘Stats’ Eilis said, “‘Stats’ tells the story of the everyday hardship women encounter. It’s tiring walking with keys between your knuckles, or pretending to talk on the phone on the train station platform late at night. We’ve developed thick skin for public life, but I’m still dreaming of a world where we don’t have to change who we are to walk out the door.”

A rapid-fire of buoyant drum beats and a quick-paced shuffle provides the immediacy of this vital track. The shuffle escalates until an interjection of rhythmic scale melodically defines the segments of this composition and its structure before the electronic and addictive rhythms aid the immersive track.

Eilis brings in her vital spoken-word lyrics, this track embraces its emotive outpour. The raw and honest lyrics command your full attention, you listen intently to this intimate journey. The lyrics overwhelm and rightly so, the lyrics are necessary and frankly deserve a movement. The intensity of the words are fused and bounce from the vibrant and consuming electronic elements and the vast soundscape effortlessly created before the abrupt finale.

Easily one of the most intense yet important releases of our time. Listen.

‘Stats’ is the first release to be taken from Frawley’s forthcoming second EP which will be released via Reckless Yes in autumn 2020. It follows her debut release for the label with EP Never Too Emotional in February 2020.



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