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Tomos Releases Debut EP ‘Count The Seconds’ via Mellia

August 31, 2020


Releases Debut EP ‘Count The Seconds’ via Mellia

Welsh producer and multi-instrumentalist Tomos has released his brand new EP ‘Count The Seconds’, a rich and eclectic blend of summery electronics and ambient textures. 

Tomos creates vast sultry soundscapes that intensify and illuminate the soulful creativity of this visionary artist.

The debut EP opens with this mystical atmosphere that has been gently built and crafted within the first few notes- this atmosphere has such great detail and is perfected throughout all 5 tracks. Animated electronica surrounds the subtle rhythms that fill the aura.

Tomos effortlessly constructs an abundance of tranquility within his projection. This tranquility flows throughout the entire record. It provides this blissful and meditative charm to the record’s appeal. Fusing the expressive movement of the sax, this becomes the vital injection to the compositions. Dreamy vocals assist with the charm exuding from this creation and awakening the ambiance of ‘Count The Seconds‘.

In the current full-on climate that we are dealing with, to release a record that surges with emotive power and connects with the audience is a triumphant feat, this EP has been sculpted with a fully immersive result- it forces the listener to slow down. Slow down and fall into the addictive loops of this soft yet atmospherical approach.

The EP is a product of Tomos’s background, marrying the opposing influences of nature and the synthetic. Originally from somewhere between the sea and the mountains of West Wales, Tomos moved from a quiet, peaceful life to find his musical direction in the vibrant streets of South East London. Drawing from the calmness of the countryside and the spirited energy of the city, he alludes to the often forgotten simple pleasures and narrow slices of life in his music.

Tomos also developed a new understanding of sound and palette; collecting sonic ideas by experiencing and reflecting on the world around him.   

“I was once told about the concept of going on sound walks – staying silent for a set amount of time whilst walking and listening carefully to the relationship between the sounds in your environment. Ever since then I’ve often found myself wandering around Peckham or resting in rural Wales with earphones in without any music intently listening to everything else, making ambient recordings and scribbling down thoughts.

The songs from the EP aren’t based on any particular moment, but more about capturing a series of calming memories and sounds.”Producing music is often quite a meditative thing for me – the process of focussing so intently for so long on something that loops around for hours on end leads to a losing of a sense of time. During this time I don’t think about my life or anything connected to it, solely the relationship between the sounds that I’m slotting together; so writing about intent listening and meditation felt quite natural despite not meditating as a practice.”

‘Count The Seconds’ is released via Mellia, a new contemporary electronic label offering an alternative platform for experimental and ambient artists from the team behind Juicebox (Amber-Simone, Franc Moody, Joe Hertz).



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