Hilang Child Shares Tusks Remix of “Anthropic (Cold Times)”

February 27, 2021
photocredit: Elliot Tatler

Hilang Child shares Tusks remix of “Anthropic (Cold Times)”

New Album “Every Mover” out now on Bella Union

Following fine reviews for new album Every Mover, out now via Bella Union, Hilang Child has shared a hypnotic Tusks remix of earlier single and LP standout “Anthropic (Cold Times)”. Tusks is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist and producer Emily Underhill. Originating from electronic beginnings, Tusks weaves cinematic soundscapes with ethereal vocals and dark production to create her eclectic sound, which has seen her release two albums so far on One Little Independent Records (Bjork, Asgier), gain over 18 million streams and counting on Spotify and be championed by the likes of Lauren Laverne, Annie Mac, Rolling Stone, MixMag, DIY, MOJO, Wonderland and more.

The collaboration and re-work exemplifies the beauty of this track whilst approaching various experimental stages throughout the ensemble. Mixing the soft harmonies with this bubbling soundscape that is destined to take control of the arrangement whilst the bass line emerges and takes focus.

Of the remix Ed Riman aka Hilang Child says: “Anthropic (Cold Times) was originally supposed to be an introspective yet optimistic ‘note-to-self’ rounding up the message of my new album. However, in the wake of the ‘new normal’ caused by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the heightened public consciousness of ongoing global fights for equality, 2020 has given the lyrics a completely different meaning to me, which I never foresaw. I see it now as a general statement of hope for a future in which we break through difficult times and find unity, making space to live in the moment, cherishing those we hold dear and loving ourselves and others for who we are. Prior to lockdown Tusks and I were booked to play a show together in London. In the lead up she produced this amazing remix bringing to mind night-time drives and sci-fi soundtracks. Although the show was cancelled we’re happy this track came from it.”

Tusks adds: “I loved reworking this track and heard the new bass line in my head as soon as I’d isolated Ed’s vocals. His harmonies are so beautiful, I wanted to highlight them and use them as the climactic point in the remix.”

Every Mover is a crucial record destined to devour us, to wake up our emotional tendencies, and to provide an entire world to lose ourselves within.

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