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Naked Roomate Share New Single “Repeat”- Taken From Debut Album ‘Do The Duvet’ Due 4th September via Upset The Rhythm and Trouble in Mind

August 31, 2020


Shared new single ‘Repeat’

New album Do The Duvet due 4th September
via Upset The Rhythm (UK) and Trouble In Mind (USA)

Oakland-based minimalist post-punk-funk quartet Naked Roommate have shared their latest single ‘Repeat’, taken from their new album ‘Do The Duvet’,due 4th September via Upset the Rhythm in the UK and Trouble In Mind in the USA.

Originally conceived in 2018 by Amber Sermeńo & Andy Jordan — partners in art & life — Naked Roommates’ debut album proffers leftfield hijinks via punk execution, answering all the questions posed by questionable post-punk revivalism with sour lemon sneering and cherry-sweet smiles.

With its cyclical synth and drum patterns ‘Repeat’ is “A positive groove to get you through the daily grind.” says Amber Sermeńo. The track’s single-line lyrics, “Look Good. Smell Good. Repeat.” echoing her sentiment between waves of hot and sticky guitar pulses.

“Although it was written before covid so you don’t need to smell good anymore.” she continues.

Andy Jordan adds, “It’s a banal anthem. The moment you lose yourself in the groove is also the moment that you become aware of repetitive-stress syndrome kicking in.”

Upset The Rhythm · Naked Roommate – 'Repeat'

Repeat captivates. Shimmering chords are welcomed to this orchestral journey, these shimmering notes work with the addictive bed of electronic elements and an infectious beat, all of which built up through the ongoing time signature of this track.

Repeat is the perfect piece of experimental exploration- utilizing the power of this track through the carefully controlled bursts of intensity found in the vocal delivery and the vibrance of this track.

This ominous electro-pop atmosphere that initiated the start of the track, this breaks out 2 minutes 30 seconds in, now the instrumentation focuses on this immersive and intertwining guitar riff and the jagged addition of the essential synth waves. Harnessing the power once more in the vocal deliverance and charming lyrics adds to the overall striking and soulful appeal of Repeat. And the clue’s in the song title, this track is so more-ish, so hypnotic, the world Naked Roommate have just crafted will make you stick this track on repeat.

Naked Roommate project a dynamic and courageous appeal, this is a band that is so worthy of your full attention. They bring in power, attitude and fun to their work.

Debut album ‘Do The Duvet’ is due 4th September via Upset The Rhythm and Trouble in Mind.

1. Mad Love
2. We Are The Babies
3. Fondu Guru
4. Credit Union
5. Je Suis Le Bebe
6. Fake I.D.
7. Fill Space
8. (Do The Duvet Pt. 2)
9. Repeat
10. (Re) P.R.O.D.U.C.E

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