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July 12, 2020
Photo Credit: Charlotte Rudd


Manchester based Abbie Ozard releases pensive new single ‘TV Kween’, released July 10th via LAB Records.

Quickly building acclaim with her penchant for wistful coming of age tales, Abbie Ozard nails the ennui, anxieties and liberation of early 20s social navigation in her beachy indie. ‘TV Kween’ follows in this vein – simultaneously airy and precise in its sound, the dream-pop tinged guitars provide a soft base on which Abbie’s understated vocals deliver a paean to escapism. As she elaborates:

‘It’s a song based around insecurities, and constantly aspiring to be someone other than yourself. I feel like there’s a load of girls out there constantly comparing themselves to others. Specifically the tune talks about loving someone but not feeling good enough for them, and dreaming that you’re someone different (which we shouldn’t be doing btw!!!)”

Whilst this sounds a gloomy outlook, the intention is of understanding, and a rejection of this feeling:

“Hopefully this song will make people feel a little less alone when they’re feeling super insecure” 

Her sound has evolved into its own space, with the help of Rich Turvey (Vistas, Blossoms) on co-production duties, to combine a humour indebted style of indie-pop with grittier, stylised stateside sounds of Best Coast or Day Wave.

She’s emerged into a supportive scene with contemporaries Lauran Hibberd, Whenyoung and Phoebe Green, touring with the former two at personal request, and establishing her own cult set of fans.

Signing with Liverpool based Modern Sky, before LAB Records, a hot streak of releases has seen acclaim build across all fronts. Jack Saunders and Huw Stephens have consistently backed across BBCRadio 1, with Abbie McCarthy and Chris Hawkins offering spins at BBC6 Music. Her growing catalogue has had over 1.5 million streams already, including strong support in Spotify’s flagship Indie playlists.

On the live front, as well as prize tour slots, she earned praise for her BBC Introducing performance at Bluedot Festival last year, and has been selected to perform at next year’s Liverpool Sound City and Live At Leeds.

Abbie has crafted a sensational new arrangement with ‘Tv Kween‘- this sublime and soft pop hit will move you with the melody and the emotive appeal which runs deep within the track. This single has such a deep meaning found within the gentle lyrics and luscious notes swaying with the developing and consuming sound. Abbie Ozard is an artist worth all of your attention, creating tracks light years ahead of herself. Abbie’s words resonate through the striking orchestration. Here’s one of the most promising and bright UK artists of our time right now.

‘TV Kween’ the new single from Abbie Ozard is out now.

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