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Jamws Shares New Single ‘Toronto’ Taken From Forthcoming EP Due June 26th | Single Feature

June 14, 2020

Jamws Shares New Single ‘Toronto’

Taken From Debut EP ‘Toronto’ out June 26th

South London multi-instrumentalist, performer and bedroom producer Jamws will be releasing his debut EP ‘Toronto’ digitally on June 26th.

Five blissful, heartfelt tracks that together tell a personal story as well as providing a hazy, retrocentric summer soundtrack. ‘Toronto’ cinematically describes the various stages of heartbreak that can be universally felt in its emotive and powerful lyrics.

For Jamws, however, this was not the intention. With the power of hindsight you can see how this brief collection of songs map out a relationship coming to its end and the space that grew between its protagonists, but it was started by cataloguing the distance itself that eventually separated them when his partner of ten years moved to Toronto to pursue an acting career. 

Jamws has now unveiled the title track, listen to the single streaming below:

Jamws · Toronto

The new single ‘Toronto’ uplifts you, whilst the consuming track takes you in for a heart-felt journey, it’s the rhythmic hook of the track which elates the momentum, the melody moves you. With tentative vocals flowing freely throughout ‘Toronto’, the delicate nature aids to the captivating and emotive appeal. This single is so powerful, an illustrious orchestration and enough to dazzle you and welcome you into the fanclub of Jamws. This artist resonates honesty and exudes equal parts harmony and affection.

The forthcoming EP ‘Toronto’ is a journey, it’s a coming-of-age story crafted in a mature and honest way. It flows with occasionally delicate synth work to a more aggressive full band, just as people do, to match the sentiment of the piece.

 “It was written before the break, I included it because it felt like the right note to end on. It’s like credits rolling on a movie, a celebration of love. Despite all the pain, it was worth it.” 

There’s an intimate and voyeuristic element to the music that’s comforting, like the flawed or occasionally doomed romances of classic cinema. It provides a deep and very clear vision of something that everyone can relate to, but also serves as a lesson to cherish, learn and move on. In the end, something isn’t beautiful because it lasts. 

We can’t wait for the EP to be unveiled to all.


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