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Brian Campeau Shares New Single “Swipe Left” Taken From Forthcoming Album “Ambience Driver” Due June 5th Via Small Pond | Exclusive Single Premiere

May 14, 2020

Brian Campeau Shares New Single “Swipe Left”

Taken From Forthcoming Album “Ambience Driver” Due June 5th Via Small Pond

Back in 2018 we first introduced our readers to the eminent sounds from Brian Campeau and his then Small Pond recordings album release in collaboration with their Australian soulmates Art As Catharsis.

Brian Campeau is widely regarded as one of the most confounding and creative artists working in Australia today and we’ve loved to see this skilled musician continuing to thrive and push his boundaries within his work.

Today, we are thrilled to share details of Brian’s forthcoming new 13 track album due for release via Small Pond.

To celebrate the news, we are delighted to share an exclusive listen to a new track from the record “Swipe Left“. Listen below:

Swipe Left starts as a vibrant and fun, fully immersive orchestration. Built on tentative and audacious loops surging the rhythmic direction before drum beats and echoing vocals accompany this reflective piece. Campeau has yet again constructed a lush orchestration. The single crafts an ambiance which compels the listener, you follow the lyrical depth and come out the other end feeling some kind of resolution. Campeau conveys meaning throughout his sun-kissed embellished hazy proceedings. Swipe Left carries darker elements within the pensive questioning found in the lyrics but Brian is a master of creating an infectious sense of melody, and this track certainly highlights that talent.

The single is a quick snapshot into the forthcoming album, aptly titled Ambience Driver”. The 13 track release is due June 5th via Small Pond and is destined to be one of the most exhilarating records of 2020.

Brian Campeau continues to be the artist that you need, at all times. The new single comes at a tough time for all, it comes at a time to relish, take in the single, let it consume you and in turn you’ll feel better. Brian conveys a magical, ethereal ambience within his creations. Nostalgic pop curations that are powerful, fresh and emotive. A musical marvel.

  1. Benny’s Song
  2. Down and Up
  3. Garden Song
  4. In Agony
  5. Melodie
  6. Oh Two
  7. OK Alright
  8. Swipe Left
  9. Siiiick
  10. Fail Proof
  11. Must Meditate
  12. Risk
  13. Tried My Best

Pre-orders for the 13 track release can be found over at Small Pondhttps://smallpond.bandcamp.com/

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