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Naoise Roo Set To Release New EP ‘Sick Girlfriend’ April 24th | EP Feature

April 19, 2020

Naoise Roo Set To Release New EP ‘Sick Girlfriend’ April 24th

The mesmerizing and fierce talent of Naoise Roo has continued to show no boundaries in the years we’ve followed this inspiring act. Having first featured the Dublin based musician back in 2015, Naoise has proven that her voice must be heard and rightfully so. Now, the artist is days away from the release of her standout new 4 track EP Sick Girlfriend– set to be unveiled to the world April 24th. Sick Girlfriend is a long time in the making, and certainly worth the wait.

The last year has seen Naoise release singles from the upcoming EP which explores themes surrounding depression, the challenges of the music industry and the oppressive stereotypes that burden women experiencing mental illness. The EP was produced by Liam Mulvaney (Girl Band, The Radio, Fionn Regan) and features Daniel Fox (Girl Band) on bass and Rian Trench (Solar Bears) on drums and synths.

Sick Girlfriend is a long time in the making, and certainly worth the wait. We are so excited for the release of this 4 track stark post-punk gothic pop piece of brilliance to be heard by all.

The Sick Girlfriend explorations kick off with a fearless beat and high hat harmonious movement before the first introduction of the compelling and enchanting vocals from Naoise Roo comes into play. Black Hole is the first track into the electrifying record. The first single is a serene masterpiece- moving, momentous and enthralling. Capturing a dark pop anthem at it’s best. Deep and lifting layered vocals move the intense disco beat electronica and showcases a track writing about an inner emptiness and seeking happiness in the wrong place. A strong and serious subject matter fused with the enlivening instrumentation.

The next track Falling Stars follows and gives off a Mazzy Star vibe with its slow-paced dreamy beat and luscious lyrics, striking chords and an illustrious shuffle. The result is a beautifully emotional atmospherical ballad. Ocean immediately follows and packs a punch. Brooding bassline and brash beats mixed with a chilling aesthetic of sound. With crashing rhythms and soaring, crystalline vocals- this angular track will leave you in awe.

Finally the title track Sick Girlfriend ends this flawless collection and plays on repetition and sonic layers and ends on such an immediate and energetic momentum, you find yourself needing to listen to the record again- every minute of this release is huge. The track is described as a sarcastic turn on the trope and treatment of mentally ill women in the media. The track was released as a single March 27th and is a fierce and furious depiction of the decaying romanticism of relations with women suffering from those issues.

Sick Girlfriend in its entirety captures a bold movement from the collective- from the charming vocals to the profound instrumentation from all performers. Flirting with a unique sound that is more powerful and more nuanced, whilst the 4-track journey covers such a vastly deep area of emotional ground. The expansive new material thrives off a range of genres- with pop notes, aspects of new wave and gothic entities all result in a tsunami of perfect and commendable compositions.

Whilst such dark tones resonate throughout the release, the deliverance from all musicians dazzle and gives off a rare feeling of hope pushing through the dark subject matters. As each track collides into the next, Naoise oscillates between soothing and intricate notes to extremely demanding and vigorous scope. Naoise challenges herself within each track, to captivate you all within the dynamic range she can relay. Her melody will continue to boast such raw power and vulnerability found on all arrangements.

Artwork designed by Jamie Tobin

We want to see Naoise on a bill sandwiched between the likes of Exitmusic, PJ Harvey, Screaming Females, Patti Smith and Anna Calvi. We urge you to listen to the singer-songwriter of our generation.

Presave the EP below:




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