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Attraktors Announce Debut Album ‘Attraktors’ Due July 3rd Vivod Records + Stream New Single ‘Future Systems’

April 21, 2020


Debut album: ‘Attraktors’

Vinyl / download / stream

July 3rd

Vivod Records

Stream new single ‘Future Systems’

Nottingham trio Attraktors are former members of Julian Cope’s band, Six By Seven, Bivouac, The Selector and The Nectarine No. 9, who together make a glorious noise amalgamating the best bits of krautrock, kosmische, spacerock, artrock and synthpop into an idealised whole.

Whether proto-punk motoring like kings of speed, or floating on frippertronics, Attraktors merge the clean celestial freshness of electronics with the corporeal ripeness of live instruments and vocals, traversing moments of motoric, effervescence, funkiness, gentle melancholy, whimsy and cerebral spiritual transcendence.

Primarily the album has a distinctly English characteristic, like Kraftwerk raised on tea and cricket, where the spirit of classics like Eno, Numan, Tim Blake, Human League and Depeche Mode burns bright, but neighbours with German giants Harmonia, Neu and Klaus Schulze, who also loom in the grooves.

Further sojourns into the new age / minimalism of Laraaji and Midori Takada, and even the cosmic disco of Patrick Cowley make for a successfully slick trans-continental and multi genre assemblage, that’s more exquisite corpse than Frankenstein’s monster.

Their new single Future Systems entices the listener with a delectable electronic hypnotic instrumentation before launching into hardhitting synth notes and disco beat rhythms.

Following 12”s by Skatebård, Photonz and Brassica, ‘Attraktors’ is the first longplayer to be released on Vivod – one of several esteemed labels founded by the DJ, musician and producer Ali Renault.

Track list:

‘Future Systems’

‘Math Redux’

‘Heavy Water’

‘Maximum Minimum’

‘She Of Stars’

‘Mensonge Et La Chute’

‘Theme From Unknown Program’

‘Search Mode’

‘A Nearfield Backgound’

‘Interlude For Wounded Deer’


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