Geoffroy (Fakear, Møme) Releases New Album ‘1952’ – Out Now Via Bonsound

November 3, 2019
Alex Dozois



Montréal-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Geoffroy, is today sharing his sophomore twelve-track album, 1952, outvia Bonsound. The new record trails the Polaris Prize long-listed debut album, Coastline which scored the artist critical and commercial success in 2017, amassing over 25 million streams (including nine-million for hit single, ‘Sleeping On My Own’) and scoring sold-out international dates with the Ninja Tune-signed Fakear and the Kitsuné DJ, Møme1952 is to be trailed with North American dates, including a duo of sold-out hometown shows at Montréals Ausgang Plaza on November 14 & 15, 2019 with UK/EU dates planned for 2020 – full run of dates below.

A sense of nostalgia permeates throughout 1952, particularly in the recent single, ‘The Fear Of Falling Apart’ – watch here. It was a track that found Geoffroy spending a lot of time retracing his steps, writing in the back garden of his childhood home and digging through old footage of family VHS tapes. Whilst musically furrowing chill-step and trip-hop sonics akin to the likes of Poolside, slenderbodies and Tycho, the video found Geoffroy tapping up close friend and director, Kyle Smith, who spliced old family footage – captured from the aforementioned tapes – alongside shots of Geoffroy roaming the nearby landscape of Beauce, Quebec and St-Adrien, Quebec City.

“‘The Fear of Falling Apart’ is without a doubt the most personal song on 1952”, says Geoffroy. “Breast cancer took my beloved mother away from me in 2017, 11 years after the first diagnosis. I wrote this song a few months after her passing. In the last weeks, I told her my next album would be dedicated to her. She smiled. I wish she could hear it, but at least she knows.”

The simmering blend of down-tempo electronica, chill-wave, and soul that courses through 1952 find Geoffroy taking from his debut, Coastline, and mining his craft further, digging a richer groove littered with hints of R&B and jazz, and growing more surefooted with his ambitions and ideas. Glittering electronics sparkle around the intimate piano of ‘Woke Up Late’, whereas ‘How You Feeling Now’ flirts with the bright lights of dance music and club culture, laying on a thick, pulsating disco throb and finding a sound not too dissimilar to heavyweights in the indie/dance crossover such as Hot Chip and Cut Copy. ‘Closer’ moves with an at times off-beat groove, jousting with varying time signatures and nosedives in tempo, sporting an outfit re-worn for ‘By The Water’, a slightly more relaxed affair but one that further evidences the limber steps forward that 1952 aims to take. 

A particular standout on the album sits right at the tail-end with ‘Fooling Myself’ – it’s a gentle touch to the record that finds Geoffroy making assertive movements with his voice once more, singing of “wanting to believe in something more” with the backing of a choir group. It’s a phrase that builds with power as it’s repeated and reinforced on the track, manifesting into something of a chant by the end, whilst ultimately being a delicate sentiment that is subtly reiterated throughout the twelve tracks. As previously mentioned, it’s a record that delicately examines the loss of his mother and whilst beginning with fear (‘The Fearing Of Falling Apart’), it chooses to end with an awakened sensibility of “having to believe in something more” – something reflected in the unravelling of electronics and climaxing piano of ‘Fooling Myself’ – one that celebrates life and optimism, and resonating hope.

The striking album art, designed by Montréal tattoo artist Dan Climan, is based on an old photo of Geoffroy’s mother, to whom the album is dedicated (1952 being the year of her birth). The artwork is a subtle image that further reveals its sentiment with the lyrics that course through the album. It’s a rich, evocative experience, layered with textures of acoustic percussion, strings instruments and electronic samples that finds Geoffroy tapping-up previous collaborators: Gabriel Gagnon, Clément Leduc and Max Gendron, to record at the Homy Studio, Montréal. 

North American Dates

14 Nov – Montréal, QC – Ausgang Plaza (SOLD-OUT)

15 Nov – Montréal, QC – Ausgang Plaza (SOLD-OUT)

16 Nov – Quebec, QC – Secret venue
20 Nov – Brooklyn, NY, USA – Zone One at Elsewhere

27 Nov – Toronto, ON – Longboat Hall

28 Nov – Ottawa, ON – The 27 Club

13 Feb – Kelowna, BC – Blue Grotto

14 Feb – Victoria, BC – Lucky Bar

15 Feb – Vancouver, BC – The Fox

20 Feb – Edmonton, AB – Temple

24 Feb – Saskatoon, SK – Amigos

25 Feb – Winnipeg, MB – Good Will Social

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