Little Scream returns with new album ‘Speed Queen’ out October 25 on Merge Records

July 18, 2019

Little Scream 
returns with Speed Queen
out October 25
on Merge Records

Speed Queen marks the return of Little Scream a.k.a. Laurel Sprengelmeyer. Her follow up to 2016’s Cult Following arrives October 25 on Merge Records.

Over on CBC, Little Scream shared the album announcement alongside a lyric video for Speed Queen’s all-too-real opening song “Dear Leader,” featuring cameos from The National, Arcade Fire, Superchunk, Holly Miranda, Leif Vollebekk, Mélissa Laveaux, and more.

From the desk of Little Scream:
This is a lyric video made up largely from crowd-sourced submissions from friends around the world, from São Paulo, Paris, and Barcelona to Des Moines, all shot on a phone. Many artists are pictured, but many are people I encountered while working on the video with documentary filmmaker Shannon Walsh. She and I approached people on the street and heard many interesting stories along the way, from the native man from Bella Bella who told us about being told to “go back to where you came from” (he jumped and replied, “I’m here”), to a man paying homage to lost friends at the AIDS memorial at Sunset Beach in Vancouver, to a group of young people returning from a rally to support LGBTQIA rights. 
Much of the protest footage was shot by Shannon herself while in Hong Kong during the Umbrella Movement protests of 2014. 
I would like to use the launch of this video to raise awareness about the 1000 Cities initiative—something being spearheaded by musician and environmentalist Becky Foon (pictured in the video) and Jesse Paris Smith. It’s a simple concept with a powerful message: If 1000 cities around the world adopt Paris climate accord standards, the world can still meet its global emissions targets. The idea is not to just sign a petition, but to get involved in supporting and advocating for zero-emissions targets with specific timeline commitments in our own cities and communities. It’s a way of empowering all of us to be part of reversing climate change.
Cult Following was released in 2016 to rave reviews, including this one from NPR’s Ken Tucker: “Little Scream has a knack for striking images…. She’s also a visual artist, a painter. Her music rather than illustrating what we might assume to be biographical details, summons up an array of landscapes roiled by clouds of emotion, storms of fury or the blue sky allure of tranquility. The music that results is a very testament to desire and endurance.”

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