JAMIE LENMAN releases new single and video for ‘Killer’ – New album ‘Shuffle’ out July 5th

May 5, 2019

JAMIE LENMAN releases his brand new single ‘Killer’

His brand new album ‘Shuffle’, set for release July 5th 2019 through Big Scary Monsters, pre order – HERE

JAMIE LENMAN has released his brand new single, a cover of ‘Killer’ by Adamski and Seal, taken from his brand new album ‘Shuffle’, which will be released on July 5th through Big Scary Monsters (Get Up Kids, Orchards, American Football, Martha).

From Jamie on the choice of track – “Although I’ve loved ‘Killer’ since Seal brought out his solo version when I was eight years old, it was probably the last track I considered covering overall. All the other pieces (on ‘Shuffle’) I’d been playing around with for a few years in my head but we started jamming this one out in rehearsal and we just knew it had to go on the record. I know lots of other artists have covered it, and who could blame them, but I’ve never heard any of those versions so this is wholly my own take and I hope people love it!”

More from Jamie, this time on ‘Shuffle’: “I’ve been overwhelmed with the response to the concept of this album since we launched it a month ago – the general vibe seems to be that people are ready for a covers record with real depth and genuine thought behind it and that’s what I’m going to deliver. It’s mixed, it’s mastered, it sounds absolutely huge and July fifth can not come early enough for me”

Following on from his debut solo double album ‘Muscle Memory’ in 2013 and the highly acclaimed ‘Devolver’ album from 2016, ‘Shuffle’ is another huge step forward for ex-Reuben front manJAMIE LENMAN and again will do away with any notion he has settled comfortably into a ‘sound’ or style as a solo artist.

At its very heart, ‘Shuffle’ is a covers (or reinterpretations) album, one where the listener can go on a ‘shuffle’ journey of their own, through all media – music, movies, books, games, cartoons. Every now and then the ‘shuffle’ will throw a curveball and maybe the listener skips it, or maybe they keep listening and it becomes their favourite. Like ‘Devolver’, producer Space (Idles, Black Futures) returns and helps Jamie realise his hugely ambitious artistic vision for ‘Shuffe’, a record LONG in the making.

The album is also not limited to reimagined songs – Jamie has covered television themes, film scores, and the music from his favourite video game. It’s not even limited to music – there is a cover of a chapter from his favourite book and a scene from his favourite short film, in his debut acting performance alongside his favourite actor.

 “For me, this album has been a dream come true – total creative freedom, a chance to push myself into terrifying new territories. There are so many parts of it that I still can’t believe we actually managed to achieve, from singing in ancient languages to acting with one of my heroes and so much more besides. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

‘Shuffle’ track-listing:

1. Tomorrow Never Knows
2. Killer
3. Taxi Driver
4. Popeye
5. You’re The Boss
6. Song Of Seikilos
7. Coda
8. She Bop
9. Adamantium Rage
10. Love Song For A Vampire
11. The Pequod Meets The Delight
12. A Handsome Stranger Called Death
13. Hey Jude
14. The Remembrance

Pre order ‘Shuffle’ – HERE


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