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Brutus – Nest Album Review | Gavin Brown

May 6, 2019



Released March 29th via Hassle Records + Sargent House

Brutus combine punk and hardcore energy with catchy pop elements and post metal flourishes to create a formidable and awe inspiring noise. The Belgian band follow up their brilliant debut album Burst with an equally brilliant follow up entitled Nest and show that the powerful nature of their first album was not a one off.  

The audio madness does not waste any time in coming to the forefront and after a brief but haunting intro, opening track Fire explodes into life and from then on, the energy levels do not drop until the last notes of closing track Sugar Dragon ring out.

Tracks like Django, Cemetery, Techno and War are frenzied slices of punk energy in spirit but topped off with a vivid sense of eclecticism that allows the tracks to open up so many new and exciting ideas and the whole album flies by in a perfect storm of real crafted songs that revel in triumph.

One thing is evident straightaway too and that is that the songs on Nest have a sense of melody and while that was definitely evident on their debut album, it takes on a life of its own here, elevating the tracks to another level and it’s that melodic nature that sees the tracks on the album seem even more fully formed and executed compared to the rawness of their first offering.

Tracks crash into each other throughout and there are so many ideas and inspirations running around that it definitely takes more than a few listens to take everything in and that is certainly part of this records charm although it is far from a difficult listen as the songs are so well crafted and ring out with a definite joyousness. 

The powerful vocals of Stefanie (who sings whilst also hammering out the thunderous drum patterns) are reminiscent of Bjork’s if she was still singing in a punk band today and are certainly a highlight here as they soar above the power of the band’s music rotating between a perfect howl and a formidable roar

As the epic final number Sugar Dragon brings the album to a close, you cannot help but marvel at the scope of Nest and how beautifully orchestrated it is by Brutus. At heart and spirit it is undeniably a punk album but one with executed ideas and other influences that will have you reveling in its glory for weeks, months and even years to come.

This is an assured album by a band who know exactly what they are doing and exactly where they are going. Nest is a triumph and Brutus are without a doubt a band that will reach extremely high limits, on their own terms as well.

Nest was released on March 29th and is available to order now on limited 12″ vinyl and CD, including EU web-store exclusive LP variant with limited 7″-– HERE

Catch the band on their current tour at the following live dates:

01 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
02 Brussels, BE @ Les Nuits de Botanique @ Rotonde
04 Bristol, UK @ Exchange
05 Leeds, UK @ Hyde Park Book C
06 Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
08 London, UK @ Boston Music Room
09 Brighton, UK @ The Great Escape Festival
13 Köln, DE @ MTC
14 Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
15 Copenhagen, DK @ Vega
16 Berlin, DE @ Maze
18 Dresden, DE @ Scheune
20 Munich, DE @ Storm
22 Frankfurt, DE @ Nachtleben
24 Arlon, BE @ L’entrepot
25 Charleroi, BE @ Eden
26 Hasselt, BE @ Muziekodroom
29 Ghent, BE @ Handelsbeurs
30 Antwerp, BE @ Trix

23 Clisson, FR @ Hellfest
28 Madrid, ES @ Download Festival


Words: Gavin Brown

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