VILDE releases new single Sardines + unveils video

April 21, 2019
Photo Credit: Elin Ghersinich


Stockholm based, Melbourne raised Vilde releases art-pop single Sardines with stylish video

With a proclivity for delivering exhilarating slices of indie-electronica infused with weird pop sensibilities well established, Vilde returns in 2019 with his first cut from a new full length record. New single Sardines retains the Stockholm based, Melbourne raised artist’s singular style – whilst letting a little more light in to a traditionally dark sound. Falling somewhere between ThomYorkeTimHecker and TV on the Radio it’s a great addition to his steadily growing stylish and sophisticated cannon.

As well as leftfield sonics Vilde, AKA Thomas Savage, offers oblique looks at serious themes through his tracks and albums. Sardines falls in line here, offering a take on views towards overfishing:

“A friend of mine said to me, ‘You know, there’s a date on it. There’ll be no fish left in the sea come 2048’. It sounded like the kind of comment I’d have an initial predisposition to be sceptical of. However just a little research shows it is a well-supported claim. I’m interested in why this has had such little effect on the consumption trend. We are a species that takes action to preserve an endangered species, however only at the point of its being endangered. We exist within a fog of moral & ethical confusion. It’s fascinating. I articulated this poorly, yet as best I could, in my song, ‘Sardines’. The emotion is there, at least.”

It’s the first preview of Fidget At The Podium, the album Vilde will be releasing in the late summer. He began recording in early 2018 in Stockholm, just before being served a visa denial from the migration agency. Re-locating briefly to Düsseldorf to stay with his brother, he eventually finished the record in Melbourne through the summer.

Looking to expand the instrumentation to evolve his sound, he brought in flute, saxophone and for the first time, other people’s voices. “I have had such a solo process for so long now, it’s become quite exhilarating to collaborate with other musicians” explains Savage, revelling in opening up his creativity.

There’s a reason for the hitherto insular approach the Vilde project has taken so far, explained as an overarching theme tackled across the album. “It’s largely about emotions and making sure to communicate with them. Personally I don’t find that social interactions accommodate a headspace where I can do that effectively” starts Thomas, “I get the bulk of that fix, that inner-communication, in yelling from my guts into a microphone, alone in my room. This whole music thing is largely for myself, and I guess the point of releasing this album is that if a listener gains a fraction of that gut-to-fruition emotion that I do in making it, it’ll mean something to them, I hope.”

Sardines is the self-produced new single from Vilde released April 17 th and out now.

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