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Ritual Cloak Release Title Track To Forthcoming EP “Vanished In Transition”, EP due 14th April via Bubblewrap Collective

April 7, 2023

Ritual Cloak Release Title Track To Forthcoming EP “Vanished In Transition”

EP due 14th April via Bubblewrap Collective

Ritual Cloak are a familiar name to the site, we’ve been following the pair in their previous formations and their current outfit for some time. Following the progression of Ritual Cloak and after the phenomenal album release of “Divine Invasions” back in 2021, the pair have been dropping epic singles’ and collaborations over the last year. Now, the outfit is a week away from the official release of their new EP via Bubblewrap Collective. To mark the 7-day countdown, Ritual Cloak has today shared the title track to the forthcoming record “Vanished In Transition”.

Dan Barnett explains their journey and collaboration with Rob Smith and Harri Rees: “When we started writing Vanished in Transition we didn’t expect it to end up where it did. We weren’t totally prepared for how Rob Smith of Wonderbrass and Harri Rees of Wylderness would transform the direction and feel of the song towards a Pharoah Sanders style jazz odyssey. It really is the centre-piece of the EP. The song is about the romanticism of disappearing and what the reality is for those left behind.”

Immediately, this tender atmosphere engulfs the audience. The initial notes that commence the track’s proceedings capture this analogue warmth, a vintage warble to the atmosphere laid in all its glory to reflect into the ambiance. The notes form this almighty loop that repeats and becomes the foundation of the exploration. Whilst the looping notes play, the saxophone and clarinet emerge into the creation, bringing this explosive and sultry appeal to the journey. Adding this expressive complexity into the fragility of the formation.

As the arrangement grows, the additional textures and attributes, higher timbre, and lighter pitches all assist with the beatific appeal of the voyage. Ritual Cloak focuses on the steady and progressive course of electronic synth waves that define this ominous characteristic.

The track oozes this distinct charm that reflects from the volatile atmosphere, this charm bounces from the tonal choices and the addictive patterns of the repetition. The woodwind section simply lifts the vision and adds this extra layer, an extra value of transportation through the fierce and unpredictable patterns which follow. Further, into the journey, natural soundbites slowly emerge, dynamically surging this attention to the mayhem to follow. The careful placement of the alarm tones injects this intensity into the arrangement, very intelligently it ensures the audience’s attention is still peaked and Ritual Cloak prove their ambitious and attentive landscapes have a deeper connection to the listener as they embark on this unpredictable and addictive crusade. Allowing the instrumentation to picture a vivid story.

The new track perfectly portrays the cinematic artistry that Ritual Cloak has developed. This outfit uses organic textures and laces such response to a very entrancing dronescape. Embedded into the foundations of this vision is human kinship. The variation of elongated notes, floating waves, and choice of recording qualities provide this affectionate drive, a magnetism to their worlds for the audience to draw to.

For this new track to enthrall with such an immersive drive, the EP is destined to move all. Of the new EP, the vision that Ritual Cloak have taken on is described as more introspective and meditative. Vanished in Transition, shows the musicians venturing into new musical territories that draw influence from ambient, jazz, doom metal and George Harrison’s indian explorations. Leaning into down-tempo rhythms, drums have been exchanged for heartbeats, as if this EP is the duo breathing deep in readiness to face the next chapter.

Featuring Rob Smith of Wonderbrass and Wylderness bandmate, Harri Rees (Vanished in Transition) and Karl Griffiths of Morning Arcade (Half of My Life), Vanished in Transition showcases Ritual Cloak’s continued love of collaboration.

Recorded at home and their own studio in Cardiff, Vanished in Transition’s theme plays with the fascination of disappearing, although the duo have no such plans of vanishing any time soon.

Track Listing:


Left Behind

Vanished in Transition


Half Of My Life


The new EP will be available on a limited run of clear vinyl, pre-order your copy here- https://bubblewrapcollective.co.uk/product/vanished-in-transition/




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