Decibel Streams Regional Justice Center and Wound Man Split EP in Full – Due Out 04/19 via Atomic Action! Records – On Tour Now

April 13, 2019

Regional Justice Center and Wound Man Split EP
Streaming In Full via Decibel Magazine

Split Due Out 04/19 On Atomic Action! Records

Preorders Available Now

RJC On Tour Now

New Bedford, MA’s Wound Man and Los Angeles, CA’s Regional Justice Center–two of modern hardcore’s most viscerally compelling bands–have teamed with Decibel Magazineto stream their upcoming split release due out April 19th from Atomic Action! Records. Both bands take a particularly thoughtful approach to aggressive music, having each started with the vision of a single multi-instrumentalist before growing into full-fledged forces of nature live. In addition to streaming the EP in full Decibel have also taken a deep dive into the origins of the split and the musical intricacies that make Regional Justice Center and Wound Man stand out from the powerviolence pack. 

Preorder the Wound Man / Regional Justice Center split EP:

Regional Justice Center is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Ian Shelton (Seattle’s New Gods, Drug Culture), who released the band’s concept-driven debut full-length, World Of Inconvenience, in 2018. The album was met with critical acclaim from the likes ofNoisey, Bandcamp, Revolver, The Quietus, and more for its uncompromising look at a family member’s incarceration and the corruption of the American prison system. Wound Man is led by the prolific Trevor Vaughan (The Rival Mob, Breathing Fire, Wolf Whistle, Clear, and many more), and began as a one person recording project before Vaughan recruited Justin DeTore (Mind Eraser, Mental, Boston Strangler, Righteous Jams, Innumerable Forms, and many, many, more) to play drums. Over the years the two have built an extensive and impressive catalog, culminating in 2018’s Prehistory–an unrelenting lament to humanity’s downward spiral set to blown-out 4-track madness.

Wound Man and Regional Justice Center are both playing shows throughout the spring, including Regional Justice Center performing at Damaged City, and Wound Man at Earslaughter Fest. See both bands’ itineraries below. 

Wound Man / Regional Justice Center track list:
1. Aspirations (Regional Justice Center)
2. Amphetamines (Regional Justice Center)
3. To Cope (Regional Justice Center)
4. Man Slaughter (Wound Man)
5. Pound For Pound (Wound Man)
6. Chain (Wound Man)
7. Bone (Wound Man)

Regional Justice Center tour dates:
04/11 New Brunswick, NJ @ E-Bloc w/ Struck Nerve, Shackled
04/12 Washington, DC @ Damaged City

Wound Man tour dates:
04/26 Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Spine 
05/10 Brooklyn, NY @ What We Like Fest
05/28 Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Dropdead
05/29 Wallingford, CT @ WAMLEG w/ Endorphins Lost, Hummingbird of Death
06/01 Montreal, QC @ Earslaughter Fest

Wound Man and Regional Justice Center are two of modern hardcore’s most viscerally compelling bands; each started with the vision of a single member and have since evolved into fully-realized forces of nature both live and on record. Now they’ve teamed up, along with Atomic Action! Records, for a blistering split release that’s sure to please fans of all things fast, loud, and angry.

Los Angeles, CA’s Regional Justice Center is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Ian Shelton (Seattle’s New Gods, Drug Culture), and took shape in the wake of his brother, Max, being incarcerated in 2016. The event fueled Shelton’s desire for an outlet to channel his frustration over his brother’s situation and also provide a means of still having Max involved with his music. The band’s critically acclaimed 2018 debut full-length, World Of Inconvenience, is a punishing amalgam of speed and stomp that condemns the injustices and bureaucratic corruption behind the American prison system–and even features Max’s voice via haunting interludes. RJC has toured North America and Europe tirelessly since the LP’s release, meeting Wound Man along the way.

Led by the prolific Trevor Vaughan (The Rival Mob, Breathing Fire, Wolf Whistle, Clear, and many more), New Bedford, MA’s Wound Man began in 2013 as something of a one person recording project. After performing every instrument on the band’s first demos, Vaughan recruited Justin DeTore (Mind Eraser, Mental, Boston Strangler, Righteous Jams, Innumerable Forms, and many, many, more) to play drums, and over the following years the two built an extensive catalog, culminating in 2018’s Prehistory. Marked by a pummeling blend of blazing powerviolence and doom-inflected dirges, the record finds Vaughan lamenting humanity’s never-ending downward spiral overtop blown-out 4-track madness.

Now each band continues to push their unique fury forward on the Wound Man / Regional Justice Center split. On side A, Shelton continues to explore RJC’s themes of personal and societal battles with three tracks centered around coping mechanisms. “Amphetamines” is a sonically and lyrically crushing standout that features words written by Max, along with riff contributions from James Trejo of City Hunter and Cadaver Dog–who perfectly captured the band’s distinctly off-kilter heaviness. Vaughan even makes a vocal appearance on two of RJC’s tracks, lending the release an extra sense of cohesion and segueing into Wound Man’s side B. Vaughan and Detore waste no time with four grueling tracks in barely three minutes proving why hardcore is often at its most potent in quick unhinged blasts. Vaughan pushes the fuzzed-out bass and guitars to their most over-the-top extremes while DeTore’s drumming provides plenty the gut-punching clarity. On both sides Vaughan and Shelton’s menacing vocals belie the invaluable catharsis in their lyrics. It’s the kind of focused rage and primal release that makes hardcore such a singular force in music–and one that Regional Justice Center and Wound Man excel at.

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