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Safe Suburban Home Set To Release Kimber “Think I Know The Answer” Due November 6th

November 1, 2020

Safe Suburban Home Set To Release Kimber “Think I Know The Answer”

Due November 6th

Safe Suburban Home’s limited edition cassette series returns with a departure in sound courtesy of northern UK electronic duo Kimber.

Throughout the summer, the labels monthly releases have created physical artefacts for the most exciting new acts including Pool Sharks, Cowgirl and Superlove, and now the debut release from a production team forging articulate pop from the darker realms.

Safe Suburban Home are instrumental in providing and promoting some of the best artists in the UK right now. These releases are vital and quickly sell out during their limited cassette runs. With Kimber, Safe Suburban Home have once again introduced us to an act so worthy of our full attention.

After years of experimenting together, close friends and multi-instrumentalists Mikey Wilson and Josh Heffernan finally hit on “their sound” in early 2020 and are now ready to unleash their first single ‘Think I Know The Answer’. 

Recorded completely DIY in home studios (with both drums and vocals recorded in booths constructed from mattresses and duvets) the use of traditional “rock” instruments alongside analog synths has crafted an ethereal sound that comes with the charm of “performed not programmed” on the electronic parts. This is electronica with the heart and soul of classic musicianship.

“Think I Know The Answer” will lift you, the track is enriched with such fierce melody, Kimber have created this vortex of compelling electronica and sonically lifting lyrics. Completely addictive from the first note- this exploration gathers traction and quickly consumes the audience. This momentous soundscape has been skilfully crafted and becomes a fitting bed for these evocative vocals gliding delicately above. Kimber have created such an intoxicating arrangement.

Their second track “Like Shadows On The Wall” entwines this expressive rhythm with a desirable dance beat and the atmosphere quickly shifts for this composition. The electronic ensemble manipulates various electro elements and swirling sound-waves, their alluring aura captures such a beautiful and innovative energy. This ethereal projection will win you over. Hit repeat.

Be sure to pre-order the cassette release now –

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