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Introducing ALL GIRLS ARSON CLUB, debut 7″ single due 5th April on Sheffield’s Delicious Clam Records

March 14, 2019
Thomas Lee Griffiths


Announce debut 7″ EP, Dark Fruits
Due 5th April on Sheffield’s Delicious Clam Records

Meet All Girls Arson Club – a brand new trio from Sheffield, set to release their debut EP,Dark Fruits, on 5th April via the city’s local DIY label/gig space, Delicious Clam.

Coming together after a Lambrini-fuelled screening of Kathleen Hanna’s The Punk Singer coupled with “a growing frustration with the (over)abundance of boys in bands”, lead vocalist/guitarist Alice Seed, bassist Vicky Hayward and drummer India Garry all made plans to make some noise – no mean feat as both Hayward and Garry had yet to pick up their instruments. Their tongue-in-cheek, fun punk sound sticks to these riot grrrl roots, and the four-track Dark Fruits is full of hooks and no holds barred storytelling, including an ode to curry club and modern day relationships.

Along with the EP announcement, they share new song, “Untitled”. “Is this alright? Is this okay?” sings Alice, as the song provokes familiar memories of the inane day to day arguments that plague many a relationship, and the insecurity and frustration that can bring. The band say of it, “It’s the soundtrack of ranting to your mates about relationships being frickin’ wank sometimes, but we do it anyway coz we’re all suckers for love.” Listen below…

About All Girls Arson Club…
After running into each other at a series of after parties at the former Sheffield DIY space Tye Die Tapes HQ back in 2015, guitarist Alice Seed, bassist Vicky Hayward and drummer India Garry cemented their friendship screaming “Deceptacon” by Le Tigre in each other’s faces, but it was only in March 2018 that plans to start a band came to fruition, inspired by Kathleen Hanna and the abundance of male bands in the local music scene.

A year on, and their first offering, Dark Fruits, is ready to take up space on record players everywhere. All three lend their vocals and unique punk sound to songs addressing everything from heartbreak to curry, and they continue to take the local DIY scene by storm. In less than a year, AGAC have gone from playing their first show alongside riot grrrl royalty, Allison Wolfe of Bratmobile, to supporting International Teachers of Popin Manchester and Sheffield.

And now – All Girls Arson Club are ready to ignite a venue near you. Strike a match!


5th April – EP Release Show – Delicious Clam, Sheffield
18th April – Delicious Clam, Sheffield w/ Porridge Radio


Side A:


Side B:
Spinning Machine
Curry Club  


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