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Her Name Is Calla – The Dead Rift EP Release Special | Gavin Brown

June 24, 2018

Her Name Is Calla

The Dead Rift EP

Leicester/Leeds based band Her Name Is Calla take all the atmospherics, intricacies and the epic nature of post rock and inject it with a folk rock twist to crate a vibrant and compelling style of music. Their new EP, Dead Rift precedes their forthcoming new album Animal Choir and if this EP is anything to go by, then the album is going to be a stormer.

Having already marked themselves out as ones to watch with a succession of cracking releases (especially the sublime Navigator album from 2014) Her Name Is Calla have with The Dead Rift, excelled themselves again.

The EP starts with the stirring folk rock of the title track which will surely become a firm favourite when they play live with its mixture of spirited violins and crashing, energetic rhythms and it certainly gets the EP off to a memorable start, as a crescendo of sounds collide together over a vital and anthemic soundscape and some rousing melodies.

After that electric start, things take a more mellow turn with the beautiful Regrounding, a stripped back song that showcases the tender vocals of Tom Morris with help from Anja Madhvani as mournful violins and minimal acoustic guitar add a sombre but uplifting background in a sublimely pretty song that seems sad but only in a dreamlike manner.

After the beauty of that song, the mournful nature continues with the instrumental Phosphenes, which begins with a piano and violin combination that creeps along and creates an eerie ambience that works extremely well before the penultimate track and fellow instrumental Church emerges. When it does, it is within a cloud of prolific synths that really cranks up the atmospherics on a track that wouldn’t sound out of place sound tracking an episode of Stranger Things.

The EP ends with a remix of the title track by LUUDUS which takes the originals energy and gives it a new lease of life with a sense of atmospheric electronica that fits in superbly with the rest of the EP without losing any of the originals rousing vibe.

The Dead Rift is an EP that really shows the eclecticism and vibrancy of Her Name Is Calla‘s music. It is big on atmosphere, shows they are not afraid to experiment with where their music takes them and more than wets the appetite for the forthcoming new album and shows exactly why the band are so revered and loved.

Her Name Is Calla – The Dead Rift Out Now Via Function Records

Words: Gavin Brown




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