Legendary art-punk singer, songwriter and sound artist Carla Bozulich shares a new track from the upcoming album Quieter

April 21, 2018

Jennifer Kitner



Let It Roll” is the opening song on Quieter, the forthcoming album by Carla Bozulich that features a collection of previously unreleased collaborative tracks curated by Carla and culled from her recent archives.

In the album’s liner notes, Carla calls this song “the most honest work I’ve ever done” – we’d best take her at her word and listen up, given the context of a long, storied, uncompromising career making so much tremendous and unflinchingly honest music under her own name, in her Evangelista project, or heading up prior groups as diverse and devastating as The Geraldine Fibbers, Ethyl Meatplow and Scarnella.

“Let It Roll” earns its place in the fine tradition of songs that stare deeply into the abyss and extract redemptive perseverance therefrom. No facile goth darkness, no borrowed blues, nothing remotely caricatured here – but a salient reminder of why Bozulich’s widely acclaimed 2014 opus Boy drew such substantive comparisons to her more firmly canonised fellow travellers. As The Sunday Times wrote in its review: “If Boy emerged from the oeuvre of a broadsheet-friendly icon such as Nick Cave, Patti Smith or Tom Waits it would be lauded as an uncompromising work of genius.

“Let It Roll” dates back to these Boy sessions – too loaded and intense for Bozulich to let it roll out into the world at the time. But now? Fuck the world. Let it roll indeed.

Carla: “I think we wrote it while cat sitting for Father Murphy in Treviso, Italy. I don’t remember being sad at the time. This is surely a song far beyond sadness. We bundle together and stay…

“Let It Roll” features Bozulich on bass and vocals, with longtime collaborators Andrea Belfi on drums and Jhno (John Eichenseer) on everything else. Listen on SpotifyApple Music and Soundcloud. 

Quieter is a brilliant addition to Bouzlich’s impressively diverse, adventurous, and unwaveringly authentic body of work. 

The album shall be released through Constellation Records on the 11th of May.

(cover art)
From the liner notes for Quieter:
“The cover of the album is a cool pic, sure as hell. But to me, it just looks like tour. Tour is just another job where if you do it long enough you get hurt here and there. In 2014 I lost my hearing completely (temporarily) in 1 ear. I kept playing, as always with injury on tour. After all, it is the law of averages. We all know it. Play more than 100 concerts a year doing 90% of the work alone, injuries are occasional. Well, it was a loud tour—a loud set every nite. It was strange for the volume to be cut in half. I cannot play with ear plugs, I was swirling sound every nite like falling but still refusing to behave—sit still—or even cancel. And boy, it was freaky QUIETER. This photo is from one Otolaryngologist I saw in Austria right before the concert in Graz. His treatment was to put me in a 50s Soviet style scalding hot head-heat-box for 20 minutes. After a while I got bored and took some selfies. They came out exactly like this. Thus the cover. It was a Quieter time for me, like—in the van Mats Gustafsson sounded like cherry ice cream. Finally quiet in the fucking van. I couldn’t understand what was happening unless I turned my head. I completely stopped listening to people talk. Strange concerts. Le Guess Who was a highlite—very like thrashing through the air, as the numerous monitors seemed to be alive and spinning. Eventually I cleared it but not after several promoters kindly took me to crackpot doctors who did silly things. This is a nice deaf pic for the Quieter album. To me it just looks pretty like tour: still a fantastic job to have.” – CB

RIYL: Circuit Des Yeux, Jenny Hval, Grouper, Noveller, Pharmakon, Julianna Barwick

Carla Bozulich official website

Carla Bozulich on Constellation

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