THE DEEP DARK WOODS Announce New Album YARROW, Released 27 October via Six Shooter Records

September 26, 2017



 THE DEEP DARK WOODS Announce New Album YARROWReleased 27 October via Six Shooter Records



Canadian band The Deep Dark Woods announce the release of their sixth album YARROW, out 27 October via Six Shooter Records. A record full of luscious alt-country blues and folk-noir sounds and subject matters, with floods and plagues, ghosts and laughter populating the songs of YARROW.

To mark the announcement, the album opener Fallen Leaves has been released as a stand-alone single and is also available as an instant great track on YARROW pre-orders via iTunesFallen Leaves can also be streamed and shared now via Soundcloud and Spotify, with its accompanying video now on youtube.


1. Fallen Leaves
2. Up On the Mountaintop
3. Deep Flooding Waters
4. Roll Julia
5. The Birds Will Stop Their Singing
6. San Juan Hill
7. Drifting On A Summer’s Night
8. Teardrops Fell
9. The Winter Has Passed

The Deep Dark Woods’ newest album was borne in a fever – scarlet fever, to be medically specific. A disease of the last century is a fitting backdrop for songs that dig bare handed into the loam to unearth the corpses of old English folk and country blues. Yarrow is Deep Dark Woods reimagined by leadman Ryan Boldt, and accompanied by the same band that crafted prairie psychedelics and a “loose grungy folk sound” (Paste) for flannelites. For nearly ten years they developed an international following with particular success in the Americana realm, nominated alongside Alabama Shakes and Dawes for Emerging Artist of the Year at the 2012 Americana Music Awards.

Now wrest out of the woods, their outlook is decidedly more macabre, tapping into a rich vein of gothic surrealism that aligns with some of the great murder balladeers of our time. With Appalachian soil under his fingernails, Boldt writes in a deep tradition of bleak and forlorn storytelling, drawing lines from Ireland to Tennessee, the Oxford Girl to Folsom Prison.

In Yarrow, there’s a juicy unease to frontman Boldt’s presence, as if a new door has opened to let loose the weirdness. In place of the freewheelin’ jammy vibe there’s a darker, stranger tenor that sides with those modern mystics whose music exists in the creepier, freakier corners of existence.

The Deep Dark Woods’ YARROW will be released on 27 October via Canadian label Six Shooter Records and available on CD, Vinyl & Digitally.



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