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Fights And Fires – Live Life Like A Tourist Album Review | Gavin Brown

July 28, 2017

Fights And Fires

Live Life Like A Tourist

Having witnessed the formidable power of Fights & Fires in a live environment, it was with great anticipation to see if their new album Live Life Like A Tourist could match the passion and energy of seeing them perform live. Their first two albums Proof The Ghosts Exist and We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow definitely came close but with this new record, they undoubtedly succeed.

Right from the off and the opening notes of album opener Blanquettes Avenue, the bands class shines through with an onslaught of powerful riffs and Phillip Cox’ incendiary vocals and this is wrapped up in the catchiness that Fights And Fires have their own. This opening number is the first indication that this is going to be a very special listen indeed and it just gets better and better. Church Bells is a crunching track with a rousing chorus and driving power to it and the whole songs has a vibe of soaring triumph about it, the breakneck hardcore punk of Awkward quickly follows and is an anthem for misfits, outcasts and those who felt that they never fitted in delivered with a vivacity and positive message. Camping is an energetic jaunt that resonates with positivity and this track segues into the heartfelt and anthemic Hard To Dream which is such a powerful song of hope. The same could be said for the bruising song that follows, Take A Swing At The World, which is the perfect anthem for those who want to fight back against the ills of this world. The opening lyrics of “Take a swing at the world and it’ll swing right back” sums it up but it’s a song about never giving up and standing your ground, never being knocked down. The Rage Against The Machine-esque grooves and vibes that the song emits fits the song perfectly and this will surely be a live favourite in the future. The album ends with the striding Kibosh and the powerful and delicate closing track Ouijia Board, a song that ends Live Life Like A Tourist perfectly with Coxs vocals roaring over the top of a hopeful bed of guitar riffs and as the wail of feedback signals the end of the song and the album, it is clear that this has been a hell of a listen.

This album is a brilliant collection of songs that never overstay their welcome one iota, perfectly timed and packed with the energy and passion that the band are renowned for and in fact, the whole experience is over too quickly which is a perfect excuse to listen to the album in full again.

This is the sound of a great band completely hitting their stride with their songs and sounding like they are having the best time doing it. Live Life Like A Tourist is a gem of an album that exudes so much driving positivity and tales of triumphing over adversity that it should be available on prescription.


Out now through Lockjaw Records – Order your copy here: www.lockjawrecords.co.uk/shop/fights-and-fires-live-life-like-a-tourist/


Words: Gavin Brown

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