A Giant Dog share new video “Bendover” from new album out on Merge!

July 3, 2017

A Giant Dog go all out for their “Bendover” video!
New album Toy out 25th August
via Merge Records


Pyrotechnics. Dancers. Leather. A car that drives directly into something resembling 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Star Gate. These are just a few of the rewards you’ll get from watching A Giant Dog’s “Bendover” music video, the first from their forthcoming album Toy.  You deserve it!

A Giant Dog’s Andrew Cashen on director Ed Dougherty’s shoot:
From the band’s point of view, the only thing I ever ask of a director is please make us look cool. Trust me, we are not cool people, but it is our job to convince people otherwise. After seeing what Ed accomplished with this video, I am fully confident that he has pulled down the curtain and concealed the dorky wizard behind it.

Austin’s punk rock heroes A Giant Dog will be releasing their fourth LP, Toy on Merge Records on 25th August.  A solid year of road-dogging and woodshedding has made the band tighter than ever, the charging dynamo of Andrew Cashen andAndy Bauer’s guitars in lockstep with the primal chug of the rhythm section, Graham Low on bass and Daniel Blanchardon drums, in the latter’s recorded debut. Singer Sabrina Ellis turns in another masterful performance, in equal parts brash, defiant, vulnerable, and raw.

The band recorded Toy with Grammy-winning engineer Stuart Sikes (Loretta Lynn, Cat Power, The White Stripes, Reigning Sound), and singer/songwriter/guitarist/wildman Cashen produced it. “Andrew as producer makes a lot of sense,” Sabrina says. “He composes the songs and knows better than anyone what they should sound like in the end. With him at the helm, we’ve arrived at a raw, truthful, risky, and rangy album.”


Pre-order Toy in the Merge store on CD and limited-edition opaque lipstick-red vinyl, or digitally here.

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