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A Message From Meltybrains? | Meltybrains? & Patreon – A Match Made In Heaven

June 19, 2017

Meltybrains? & Patreon – A Match Made In Heaven


You may have noticed our absence from the Irish concert circuit in the past few months. This is because we have decided to take a step into the beyond and write our debut album.

As exciting and satisfying as this is, it leaves us very little time to gig and, as a result, makes it difficult for us to stay afloat, financially. We have recently discovered Patreon.

If you’re not aware of it, Patreon is a website that allows fans to directly fund artists, cutting out the middle man. Fans can make a monthly donation, of an amount of their choice. In exchange for this, they receive all sorts of rewards. It has become incredibly popular lately, especially among musicians.

These are changing times for the music industry and many artists have been using Patreon as a means to create the music they want to create, without interference from record labels and management companies. It seems like the perfect solution for us!

This is what we love doing and the support we’ve received from our fans makes it entirely worthwhile. With Patreon, we want to harness that support and give something back. We will do this with a wealth of rewards, including first access to music and video releases, exclusive Melty jingles, Skype lessons, the Melty Mystery Box??? and Melt The Jewels (A remix of our debut album using only Run The Jewels samples).

We thought that you and your readers would like to know about this. In times of doubt, there is always room for good news stories and we have every intention of being one of them.

Hopefully you’ll join us!

Love, Tadhg, Brian, Ben, Donnacha and Michéal

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