London psych quintet share new video for ‘Easy Touch’ taken from their debut album

October 8, 2016


Bonfire Nights

Watch the brand new video for ‘Easy Touch’  

Debut album ‘Entopica Phenomica’ out October 21st

via Holy Beatnik Records

“Walls of Faust-like noise growing into a retro slice of Jefferson Airplane-style psych” – NME Magazine


“Crunching psychedelia” Loud and Quiet


On October 21st, London-based psych-rock quintet Bonfire Nights release their thunderous debut album, ‘Entopica Phenomica’. Nine tracks of groove-laden stoner jams, shimmering guitars, and the boy-girl vocal harmonies and pop hooks that set the band apart from many of their contemporaries.

Formed in Australia by Steve Foster and Ruth Nitkiewicz, Bonfire Nights packed their bags in 2011 and trekked to Londonfor the promise of the big city lights. They hit the ground running, taking their brand of champagne shoegaze on the road for their first UK tour. The following year saw them journey to the United States for showcase events at SXSW and in New York City, with a couple of blistering college house-parties in between.

Back in the UK, they headed into the studio with Olly Betts of The Duke Spirit to lay down the groundworkfor the pulsating neo-psych juggernaut ‘Ego Death’, which was released as a split 7” with Tripwires on Bad Vibrations Records. Sessions from this time also include the brooding and haunted ‘Low’, mixed by Ian Davenport(Band of Skulls, Supergrass) and featured on a limited edition compilation cassette from Fluffer Records.

This was followed by a period of intense gigging, sharing the stage with other like-minded acts such as Pond, The KVB, Lola Colt, The Drones, DZ Deathrays,Holydrug Couple and The Underground Youth. Bonfire Nights then recruited fellow Australians James Boyd on guitar and Suzie Creevey on keys, and further consolidated their psychotropic sound with Leon Ferbrache on bass. 

In 2015 Bonfire Nights were back in the studio with Betts to record their debut album, ‘Entopica Phenomica’. Featuring walls of guitar noise, chiming distortion and sweeping synthesizers, the album sees the band exploring cerebral underworlds and experimenting with their sound.


Live Dates

October 20th, 2016 – The Duke Spirit support @ Scala

October 22nd, 2016 – ‘Entopica Phenomica’ album launch @ The Waiting Room

November 18th, 2016L.A. WITCH support @ The Shacklewell Arms


Bonfire Nights

Vocals/guitar: Steve Foster

Bass: Leon Ferbrache

Guitar: James Boyd

Keys/vocals: Suzie Creevey

Drums/vocals: Ruth Nitkiewicz


Photography by Lilly Creightmore

Cover design by Steve Foster, photograph by Ruth Nitkiewicz

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