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Kamikaze Girls – Sad EP Review | Gavin Brown

September 6, 2016


Kamikaze Girls


Kamikaze Girls mix the urgency of prime Riot Grrrrl bands such as Bikini Kill and Bratmobile with the caustic nature of post punk and a defiant indie nature to create new EP Sad. The EP is six songs (five songs plus a bonus track) and musically ranges from an upbeat vibrancy to a downright pissed off vibe.

Sad kicks off with Hexes, a catchy song with a definite edge to it which deals with anxiety with vocalist Lucinda Livingstones commanding voice dominating the track over a biting musical backbone akin to prime 90s L7 from Livingstone (who is also the bands guitarist) and drummer Conor Dawson and with this song, Kamikaze Girls start as they mean to go on. The punky Stitches is followed by the best track on the EP, the outstanding I Hate Funerals which is a seething petrol bomb of a song that drips with a focussed hatred and is liberating in its dark nature. After that outpouring of hate, Ladyfuzz is at first a brighter prospect than what came before it and is lo fi in nature, but the track has more than an edge but is the calm after the storm with roars from Livingstone blocked with a more settled approach and a tender catchiness while Dawson bangs the drums hard in a direct fashion. The track Black Coffee is about addiction and sees Kamikaze Girls go full throttle to end the EP with a Joy Division feel when it comes to the guitars, drums and overall feel of the song with a nod to Riot Grrrrl, especially when it comes to the screaming at the end and the feedback soaked outro which rounds things off in style. Add to this the bonus track, the abrasive and magnificently titled Tonic Youth and you have an EP that is angry, energetic and above all seems vital in this day and age. With Sad, Kamikaze Girls have brought out a statement of intent and long may they continue.

Sad is out now via Bearded Punk (UK/EU) / Wiretap Records (US)





Words: Gavin Brown

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