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Galore Release New EP “Blush” Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records (UK/EU) & Paisley Shirt Records (San Francisco) 

January 2, 2023

Galore Release New EP “Blush” Out Now via Safe Suburban Home Records (UK/EU)

& Paisley Shirt Records (San Francisco) 

We start the new musical year by circling back on one immense EP that came out in the last few weeks of December, discover Galore and their stunning 5-track EP “blush“. The new release is out now via Safe Suburban Home in the UK and EU and dual released with Paisley Shirt Records in San Francisco. Another introduction to a must-hear outfit thanks to SSH.

Galore are comprised of Ava Rosen (bass), Britta Leijonflycht (guitar), Griffin Jones (guitar) and Hannah Smith (drums). San Francisco’s Galore is described as a band whose catchy riffs vary from shiny pop to jagged punk, with a sound compared to groups like Look Blue Go Purple and The Velvet Underground.

In 2020, the band’s self-titled album quickly gained attention internationally on the indie circuit, aired on Iggy Pop’s BBC radio show and written up by reviewers – most notably on Raven Sings the Blues: “…the band employs an austerity that cuts through the fat of pop and hits straight onto the bone. Jangled and jostled, nervy, but emotionally raw.”

Every member is a contributing songwriter, and all bring to performances an at once polished and scrappy attitude that seems to invite the audience into their collaborative creative process

The warmth that the listener connects to from the chosen Galore tonality becomes this familiar magnetism throughout. Immediately, from the first rhythm that emerges in the first track “New Living”, this connection to the vibrance simply dazzles, the audience embraces the rich tapestry of warm tones, jangly textures, delicate vocal harmonies, and this creative sincerity that adorns the entire EP.

On the opener, the dazzling lead rhythm emerges with the confounding hypnotism of the tones, joined with the complex bass drawing the deep yet essential low-end and lifted with the punchy drum shuffles and concise cymbal hits. When the vocal harmonies fuse with the journey, the stirring abundance of emotion that resonates from the vocal notes will captivate you, this remarkable injection of expressive elements assist with the directional course of the ensemble. The power of the affection that cuts through the release and into the landscape follows in all tracks on the EP.

Hooked on the first single, your first introduction to this record, you’ll be enthralled and excited to enjoy the following 4 tracks. “Jackpot” follows, and immediately this bright atmosphere unveils the jaunty notes and a piece filled with dynamic shifts and brilliant bouncy hooks. The lo-fi vocal melodies push this serendipitous haul to the release but the overall alluring array of shimmering rhythms just move the audience. The shortest length track on the EP yet one which feels it travels for much longer, Galore understands the importance of creating addictive structures.

As the record flows, you further deepen the connection to the plentiful atmosphere evolving throughout each composition. A bountiful collection of meaningful, moving, and sweet arrangements, Galore has perfected the record to capture the best of each musician. Interlocked melodies, pop peaks, and ethereal harmonies all hit a little differently with this record. A momentous and intoxicating creation, an EP boasting such soulful orchestrations.



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