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Tapir! Sign to Heavenly Recordings + Share New Video and Release 4 Track EP

May 31, 2023
Photo credit: Tapir!

Tapir! Sign to Heavenly Recordings

Share New Video and Release 4 Track EP

Having announced their signing to Heavenly Recordings, London-based 6-piece Tapir! have now shared the video for “On A Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)”, taken from their 4-track Act 1 (The Pilgrim), which is also out now.

Talking about ‘On A Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)’ Ike from the band said:

The song’s narrative is about a pilgrim who hears a call in the distance – a mocking bird drops a feather from above and it guides the pilgrim towards the nether. Beyond this, I hope people can find their own meaning and emotional connection to the song through the anonymity of the pilgrim and its journey.”

The band added about their signing to Heavenly:

It’s so lovely that Heavenly are wanting to back our strange and personal project. We never set out to be signed, and so this all came as a bit of a shock. Tapir! has always been about having fun and making art together, and Heavenly have given us a platform to keep that going. We want to maintain that DIY ethos and irreverence, and they’ve been kind enough to allow us that freedom. It’s a huge honor to be joining and we’re in safe hands. Let’s see what the future holds – it’s going to be a blast!”

The new single is infectious, boundless and truly alluring. This intricate landscape oozes such character and gravitational pull, the textures and crisp melodies create this bright and moving atmosphere that engulfs the listener with this sincere might. Tapir! add to their luscious rhythms and continue to develop their world with this perfect thread of layers. The delicate yet detailed vocal harmonies glide with such ease through the vast composition and deliver this affectionate course to the journey. With the new single this outfit has perfected their ability to craft this ultimate consuming composition, the musicians focus their talents on this immaculate attention to detail which assists in the compelling depth of the arrangement.

Inspired by the storytelling theatrics of Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman and Spelling, with twiddling guitars, drum-machines and vocal flights fluttering, their tender songcraft glistens with folkish charm and ambrosial melodia. 

Recorded and produced by Joe Futák and featuring backing vocals and violin from Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon of London-based duo Lilo, ‘On A Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)’ is taken from their debut EP, Act 1 (The Pilgrim), the first part of their forthcoming debut multidisciplinary narrative album. Intending to immerse listeners over time, Act 1 (The Pilgrim) is the first of 3 episodic EPs, which they’ll compile into the complete album in early 2024.

Core to maintaining their DIY ethos and playful nature, the band plan to release works in a range of mediums in their multidisciplinary approach, with paintings, set design, soundscapes, costumes, short films, masks, animation, puppetry and theatrical plays all set to come alongside. This begins with the band’s self-shot, self-directed and self-produced video for ‘On a Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)’, produced via their art collective ‘My Life is Big’ and matched with vocalist Ike Gray’s artwork for the single and EP.

The band have dropped their new EP which you can listen to in full below:



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