Listen to the second single from Oddarrang’s forthcoming album!

August 28, 2016


Oddarrang share second single
from forthcoming album Agartha
released 23rd September

“Music that seemed to segue from the laconic lyricism of Ennio Morricone to free jazz to the rock-anthem crescendos of the late Esbjorn Svensson group.”  The Guardian

“A strong sense of narrative and adventure within the music, and a close attention to detail, particularly with regard to timbre and sound.”  MusicOMH

“The album as a whole is an incredible journey, laced with sudden twists and unexpected detail, making for a thoroughly engaging listen.”  CMU Approved

Finnish quintet, Oddarrang has established itself as a band with an undeniably unique sound – blending monumental riffs and dynamic builds with heart-wrenching, anthemic melodies that soar over a compelling and absorbing rhythmical drive.

Agartha, the band’s fourth studio album and their second for UK label Edition Records pushes that emotion and potency to new levels with earworm melodies you’re sure you’ve heard before and driving rhythms sent pulsing through your veins.

The band have just premiered their second single “Admirals Byrd’s Flight on Clash Music

Osmo, from the band explains: “‘Admiral Byrd’s Flight’ differs from all the previous Oddarang songs, since it’s the first track ever that features lyrics. I was on tour when I composed it and it started out with a guitar riff I was jamming, while I was backstage, waiting for the soundcheck. First I thought it might be a song better suited for some other project, but after a while it started to feel like an Oddarrang song. It didn’t have lyrics yet though. We recorded the track as an instrumental, but when Olavi came up with the idea of making a concept album about the legend of Agartha, I read the story about Admiral Richard E. Byrd – US Navy pilot who supposedly found the entrance to ‘Hollow Earth’ on February 19th 1947, while exploring Antarktis – I felt the song needed some lyrics.”

Check out the first video for their single “Mass I-III” HERE

Brave in conception and epic in execution, this music wells from the same melancholic Nordic spring that feeds the likes of Sigur Rós & Supersilent, adding the folky, post-rock influences of Mogwai and the electronic sound sculptures of Boards of Canada.

Clocking in just shy of 40 minutes, the five-track album, Agartha, takes its name from the legendary world that is said to reside in the Earth’s core. With a unique blend of cello and trombone, soaring vocals and electronic soundscapes fusing with the magma intensity of guitar, bass and drums, this is music that achieves profound beauty: elevating and primal.

Oddarrang will be playing at the Rich Mix, London on 18th November – more UK dates to follow.

Oddarrang are:
Olavi Louhivuori:  drums, synths, voice
Ilmari Pohjola:  trombone, synths, voice
Lasse Sakara: guitars, voice
Lasse Lindgren:  bass, synths, voice
Osmo Ikonen : cello, synths, voice

Agartha will be released 23rd September on Edition Records.  Pre-order album HERE.

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