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Gates – Parallel Lives Album Review | Gavin Brown

July 17, 2016


Gates- Parallel Lives

Gates play shimmering lo-fi post rock that while, at times is quite low key, it still resonates with a pure emotional quality and on their new album Parallel Lives, that emotion comes to the forefront in a dizzying fashion.

With this, the bands second album, Gates have made an album that, in content deals with human interaction in its fleeting and more permanent ways and obviously the emotions that go with that and thus the album is more emotional that their previous album and EPs and this works well as they succeed in what they are trying to achieve with the album, it goes further both in terms of content and how it is executed.

Opening track Forget lays things out in plain terms, a laid back but scintillating wave of a morphing of post rock and indie rock with frontman Kevin Dyes distinctive vocals taking centre stage on a song that announces the power of Gates music and as the album carries on, the range of emotions on show does change, sometimes dramatically but one thing that unites them all is a genuine passion. Of the rest of the songs on the album, the highlights are plentiful with the more reserved Eyes which is reminiscent of latter day Radiohead, the aptly titled Shiver resonates with a melancholy hopefulness while Fade is a slow burner of a track that shows off Dyes aching vocals that bear a strong resemblance to those of Jeff Buckley. There is also the soaringly anthemic Left Behind, a song that amps up the energy levels and Penny which is a much more upbeat and jolly prospect both in terms of delivery and subject matter. While all these songs are all quite different in style, the one thing that unites them is not only the fervour that they are played with but also the human element of each of the individual songs which plays a huge part in the overall feel of the album.  As the moodier closing song and title track of the album creeps to its conclusion, you feel you have listened to an album that takes in the most important parts of humanity and how people interact with each other on a daily basis. These are in essence, stories that are ultimately relatable set to music that will soothe you, fire you up and comfort you.

Parallel Lives is a very human album and in turn, a very real album that will be a firm favourite with fans and soon to be fans as well.

Gates- Parallel Lives out now via Pure Noise Records

CD/LP: http://smarturl.it/gatesPL
iTunes: http://geni.us/GatesPL?app=itunes


Words: Gavin Brown

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