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HeZza FeZza Set To Release New Album “Nomadic Nebula” out 22nd February | Album Review

February 7, 2022

HeZza FeZza Set To Release New Album “Nomadic Nebula” out 22nd February

HeZza FeZza is an avant-garde pop artist whose eclectic style is described as floating in the cosmos with a psychedelic neo-soulfulness. This wanderer returned to where their family tree was deeply rooted, Seattle, to make the music of their dreams.

With the path followed and the immense range on offer throughout the dynamic vocal harmonies is enough to pull you into the midst of the mammoth creations that unite to build the upcoming new album “Nomadic Nebula” which is due 22nd February. Prepare for an emotional ride.

The forthcoming 12 track record opens with “Beautiful Morning“, a single which expresses its title with ease throughout. Shifting time signatures, trippy patterns, and layered vocal notes bridge this insatiable structure which oozes clarity, emotion and at its core, soul. A heartfelt and charming opener leads the way for this ambitious record. To be able to capture the pure energy within every attribute aligning to produce this bountiful composition. The vast array of textures to the carefully placed natural soundbite plays out the release. HeZza FeZza utilizes the influence of their surroundings and more importantly the connection of that environment and with that force creates something truly beautiful. This continues through the next 11 songs.

Elsewhere on the record and flowing with ease to “O Radiant Thang“, the slow-building strings resonate the intensity with the delicate vocal tones, engrossing the natural textures of personal hand clicks and serene whistling cultivates this essentially pure listen which distills Hezza’s raw and innovative songwriting talent.

The wide array of talented musicians joining forces to elevate and draw focus on the powerful instrumentation, all whilst creating this gentle hypnotizing velocity throughout, that power so easy to embrace in each immersive atmosphere within all 12 songs.

Tracks such as “Dream On Dreamer”, “Kiki” and “New Beginning” all proudly continue to demonstrate the incredible versatility and vocal prowess of Hezza, a dynamic range that soars with the ever-changing, experimental soundscapes. “Tender” slows the pace and brings this piano balladry into focus, another cutting release oozing affection and serenity, the gliding strings emphasize the tender tonality.

The single “Gazilion” is out now and available to hear as the first taste of this forthcoming record. As the album flows this single breaks the mold of the ambiance that pulled the audience in before, a moody and visceral arrangement that brings attitude to the surface. Album closer “Sweet Spot” is nothing short of a masterpiece, a triumphant exploration to end the explosive collection on a ground-breaking high.

Nomadic Nebula” is best to be embraced in all its glory from start to finish. It’s a truly honest journey that will move the listener, lyrics that summon up this twist from innocence to real experience. This album ultimately projects this forward-thinking sound that honours the classic sounds that shape you as you grow. This record is long-lasting, a clear creation that will alter the listener’s mood whilst painting this picture-perfect landscape reflecting from the lyrics. Cherish this expressive record.

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